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So there you have it, our day summed up by Ember.

Words. Boring Words.

I’m bored with blogging this week. There’s so much going on in my days but after 10 1/2 years of mothering, it’s all starting to feel repetitive. Not horribly so in my daily life, to me, but definitely when I sit down to blog. I don’t really feel like talking about diapers or breastfeeding or cooking. With five kids I’m fully immersed in mom activities and not much else and after blogging about mom stuff for 7 years and 4 months I’m just sick of it.

Not to be dramatic and all, “Oh I’m so over blogging. So done blogging.” Because that’d be silly (I can never really quit you, blog!) but if there are times where my blog goes unwritten on for days or weeks at a time… nothing’s going on except me being bored. Too bored to share with the world what’s going on.

Lots of stuff happened this week. Cleaning, cooking, diapers, breastfeeding, preschool activities, park/library visits, trying out a new pizza place with Ember… but see how boring? My life is boring. But my kids are happy and everything’s coming along in our family life so… it is what it is.

Anyway. I’ll probably blog tomorrow just like always and you’ll all be like, what was yesterday’s post all about then?? haha  photo 062eresized_zps3c88397f.jpg photo 127eresized_zps5029cbb7.jpg photo 128eresized_zps43067b34.jpg photo 148eresized_zpsff57f753.jpg photo 156resized_zpsd24adc20.jpg

If It Could Be the Weekend all Week Long, How Happy That’d Be

Saturday morning the kids were all begging to hold Everett. So Everett got passed around from sibling to sibling. Sierra (and Brooke) always ask if they can hold him and walk around the house while he’s in a carrier. The carriers don’t really fit their small frames but I went ahead and let Sierra anyway. She was in heaven.  photo 008eresized_zps03aed4f8.jpg

She kept telling me she felt like a mom and wished she was Everett’s mom and couldn’t wait to be a mom. She’s always talked about having a boatload of kids and having babies and raising children. And she’s my most nurturing child so I have no doubt she’ll have a bunch of kids and be amazing to all of them 🙂  photo 011eresized_zps1809143a.jpg photo 020eresized_zps8b86d3e4.jpg

We’ve started back up with daddy-daughter, daddy-son, mommy-daughter, mommy-son dates!

When I take a kid out the baby is always along. And sometimes even Ember. Sierra and Ember have a really close relationship so Sierra doesn’t mind. I would never bring Ember on a mommy-Brooke date. Brooke would be upset.  photo 022bwresized_zps43aed61e.jpg photo 023eresized_zpsa6837750.jpg

Speaking of Brooke… all Brooke wants in the entire world is to be an adult and make all her own choices and do whatever she wants. She’s wanted that since she was really young. She has a very independent personality and hates being told what to do by anyone. She’s been begging me for a couple of years to be left at home while I go shopping. Partly because she wants to feel grown up and partly because she loathes shopping. So at 10 1/2 years old we figured… ok. We’ll give it a try. She was begging to be left home while Allan, me, and the other kids ran to Wal-Mart so we left her. When we got home Brooke was feeling preeeetty happy about being so grown up!
 photo 030eresized_zps526a885f.jpg

Before leaving for the store Ember asked me if I could get the baby backpack and hold her in it. She had a good idea because she fell asleep in the car on the drive over and I’ve mentioned more than once how cranky Ember is when waking up. Putting her straight into the ergo, she went right back to sleep!  photo 031eresized_zpsab0aaaa5.jpg

Sunday before changing out of our church clothes we took a quick picture in front of our rental. For the sake of our scrapbooks. ha  photo 041eresized_zps560d3cf8.jpg photo 042eresized_zps496b6c7e.jpg

Brooke asked to hold Everett again.  photo 052eresized_zps872abcb4.jpg

Ember asked me to put my camera back on the tripod and take pictures of her. She loves to have her picture taken!  photo 070eresized_zps5175b038.jpg photo 088eresized_zps30d94601.jpg

We went to the park.  photo 107eresized_zps1e32f792.jpg photo 116eresized_zpse2b15061.jpg photo 134eresized_zps5e8faa84.jpg photo 153eresized_zps0f49c903.jpg photo 157eresized_zpsb553748b.jpg photo 189eresized_zps819ea225.jpg photo 190eresized_zps50213eac.jpg photo 218eeresized_zps3faae970.jpg

And then once home we had dinner (burritos) and then after we got the kids to bed Allan and I watched an old episode of Survivorman. Then Allan ironed some clothes while I got to take a shower because…Everett was sound asleep in his sleeper bed! He’s been sleeping at least three hours straight (most of the time 5-8) at night in his bed before waking up and joining me in my bed! I need to do his three month update blog post because he’s changed SO much in the last month and even so much in the last week!

Five Fine Sirs

Playing around with an idea for photos for our dining room walls. I will try again with the camera in one specific spot and the kids wearing a suit jacket of Allan’s. Though I don’t think anything can beat that picture of Payson. I might have to print that one for his room!
 photo sbresized_zps3c656b0c.jpg

Everett had just woken up from a nap and was in a really good mood. When I put that mustache on him he started trying to eat it and then spent the next minute smiling from ear to ear!  photo 314e2resized_zpsf4a664f2.jpg

Allan’s been gone on an out of state business trip this week so I like to text him pictures like this one:  photo 275bw2resized_zps67d02227.jpg
And tell him things like, “Your son has grown up so much since you left!”

My Sons

I often find him in the mornings sleeping peacefully on elephant. My heart aches when I remember him as a tiny baby sleeping with that giant elephant. Now he’s giant next to elephant. He’s growing up fast.  photo 005eresized_zps3c225f94.jpg

This little guy turned three months old today. A super exciting milestone that I’ll have to blog about later. He’s changed SO much this last week! 🙂
 photo 045eresized_zpsa6b4ef23.jpg

A Hiking We Will Go

We finally got around to going on a little hike this last weekend!! I don’t think we could’ve done anything better to make Colorado feel like our family’s home than to drive to the mountains and go walk up into the pines and to a little lake! It was great. I chose poorly in baby carriers (you sling users, how does your back not break apart using them?!) but besides that it was super fun! It felt so freeing being out in nature. I like it.

Allan was really happy to be hiking, and all the kids, except Everett, were excited. Everett hated the hike! haha. Poor boy was not loving the chilly air (it wasn’t that bad) and was hating the wind! I don’t blame him, who likes wind??  photo 053eresized_zpsd2fb4fa0.jpg photo 059eresized_zpsa0217922.jpg photo 045eresized_zpscd0931c6.jpg

Allan wore Ember in the ergo on the way up.  photo 064eresized_zps1cc016d2.jpg photo 068eresized_zps8b17b463.jpg photo 073eresized_zpsdbb0c075.jpg photo 075eresized_zps929a4819.jpg

I told the girls they should try to climb a bit on this rock face. Allan said they shouldn’t because it was dangerous. Usually I’m the anal one about dangerous stuff but I didn’t think it looked too dangerous.  photo 077eresized_zps432113bd.jpg photo 079eresized_zps717c0bc3.jpg photo 085eresized_zps74c50ef4.jpg photo 088eresized_zpsddc7c562.jpg photo 094e2resized_zps37948f3b.jpg photo 100ERESIZED_zps8074e40c.jpg photo 105eresized_zpscf05c95b.jpg photo 130bwresized_zpsfc529820.jpg

When I was walking Everett was fine. Any time I’d stop for even a few seconds he’d cry.  photo 132e2resized_zpsc2b2551c.jpg photo 144eresized_zpsac987977.jpg photo 149eresized_zps31872318.jpg

This picture is the one now in my header. Allan set the camera up on his backpack on the ground 🙂  photo 134eresized_zps5b818ea5.jpg

Valentine’s Celebrations!

My kids’ school had a lunch where parents could come and eat with their kids!
Because each of my three older kids has a different lunchtime it meant that I was at their school for two hours. That wasn’t my favorite (with a baby) but it was worth it because each one of the older kids felt so special! It was awesome sitting with them each separately and talking with them.
I bought them lunchables to make it extra special (we saw a lot of happy meals that day, which I think my kids would’ve preferred) and… that’s about it.  photo 330eeresized_zps6e28d4f2.jpg

Ember was super excited about being at the kids’ school. She always wants to stay at school when we drop the kids off. On the kids’ first day of school she cried when we went home. She said through her tears that day, “I want to see my class and meet my teacher!”  photo 332eresized_zps9e112dbe.jpg photo 337eresized_zpsa42415c5.jpg photo 339eresized_zps66347913.jpg
I didn’t take any pictures with Brooke because she is at that age where she feels embarrassed by photos when her friends are around!

Once home, Ember fell asleep. It’d been a super busy morning!  photo 347eresized_zps9e5d6c63.jpg

And Everett was just waking up from the nap he’d taken during lunchtime!  photo 361eresized_zps2a66fb86.jpg

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse for wearing red with pink.  photo 015eresized_zpsb97a8124.jpg photo 021eresized_zpsa2cc0b8b.jpg

I’ve heard really good things about the movie Frozen from everyone I know with kids so I finally took my kids to see it!  photo 026eresized_zpseeb58885.jpg photo 031eresized_zps4baa2d03.jpg

Lately everywhere I go people see me taking a picture of my kids and ask if I want to get in the picture and they’ll snap it for me. I always say yes and I always appreciate it. You’d think I’d be embarrassed but because I value these pictures so much I’m not at all!  photo 032eresized_zps3a4edf0b.jpg

The guy that took these was a dad and he snapped like 5 photos. Usually people take one and call it good. This guy took a couple, then squatted down, told Ember to smile, and took a few more! I was like, thanks for all the effort! lol  photo 033eresized_zpsd80a8081.jpg

My kids loved Frozen! They’ve been singing the songs ever since we left the theater. Payson cried so many times during the movie. He’s my most sensitive child and anytime something sad happened he’d be in tears and I’d have to comfort him. I told him a lot, “It’s okay honey, she’ll live, she’ll be fine…”  photo 036eresized_zps2fb97655.jpg

I’m going to throw these last two pictures in here… Payson and I made a bunch of gluten-free treats for him for his class party. And then, guys, when I got to the school and handed his teacher the bag of stuff (that’s what I’ve always done, in Arizona they don’t make any special treats for Payson and I had to provide regular treats for the rest of the class once a month! haha) his teacher here in Colorado told me that she’d had the parent volunteers making class treats to make everything gluten free! I stood there speechless. First of all… that’s just amazing. Second of all… I felt sorry for the other parents having to go through the trouble. But Payson, he’s never felt so included before so it was just amazing.  photo 317eresized_zpscc18ea27.jpg

Next class party I’ll just make one batch of treats to send in and that’s going to be awesome!  photo 319eresized_zps4f96e4c8.jpg

Help for the Overshooting Photographer!

Is this just me?
I take like twenty pictures of a cute thing going on. And I can’t bear to delete any of the pictures. And worse, I can’t not print them ALL. So then I have like… a couple thousand pictures of each kid printed per year. Which is a stuffed full scrapbook or sometimes two scrapbooks for one year for one kid.

It’s really bad. Guys, I have a problem. I’m not the most decisive person and I love taking pictures and I love pictures of my kids. SOOOO, I finally figured out how to have my cake and eat it, too!!

Lots and lots of 4x6s with multiple images! The cheater’s way of printing pictures. I can have four pictures in one. I can have three vertical images on a horizontal 4×6 (I prefer to print all my images horizontal for project life) and I can even switch it up and arrange a mix. All on 4x6s so that it’s cheaper and I have less to place in albums!

These photos are from Tuesday, when Everett turned 12 weeks old. (12 weeks old!!! Almost THREE months old!!)  photo 212eresized_zps9b4ebe6c.jpg

I’m guessing most people would have no problem only picking one of the images here. Or even none (gasp) but not me! I want to print them all!
 photo 178eresized_zps273f42bc.jpg photo 227eresized_zps7d04396f.jpg photo 234eresized_zps853469d8.jpg

I still print single images in addition to these storyboard type ones. So for this layout in Everett’s scrapbook I’ll have just one full page full rather than two or three! I ALWAYS print too many baby photos. I have the hardest time with baby photos. Even when Brooklyn was a baby and I used a film SLR, I have three albums from her first year! haha!  photo 205e2resized_zpsea28aa66.jpg

Shop, shop, shopping with kids!

Payson’s been bringing elephant around with him everywhere again. He still uses elephant’s trunk to rub the end of his nose with.  photo 146eresized_zpsea5a9439.jpg

Sierra comes up to me and says, “Mom, take a picture of me with this BBQ sauce!” (We didn’t even buy BBQ sauce, she just wanted to pose with it, haha)  photo 148eresized_zps9f452b54.jpg

Ember fell asleep in the car on the drive over. Ember is the biggest grump when she wakes up and refuses to walk into stores. I usually hold her (and Everett in his carseat) while walking into the store and then put both of them in a cart. Problem is her in the seat of the cart and Everett’s carseat in the basket of the cart fills it up and there’s no room for food! So I wisely wore her in the ergo this shopping trip. It was perfect! I didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on her, she was happy as a clam, and there was a bit of extra room in the cart!  photo 153eresized_zpsb9dcbbe3.jpg photo 154eresized_zps63d679db.jpg photo 163eresized_zps6b104036.jpg

Somehow I was convinced to buy three pairs of shoes. Brooke, Sierra, and Payson each got a new pair of tennis shoes in a size up. These kids and their fast growing feet!  photo 156eresized_zpsab3febc2.jpg photo 168eresized_zps7066d275.jpg

I bribed my kids with a quarter machine toy at the end if they were good. Surprisingly, they were all perfect! It was such a relief to shop and have them all stay mellow, not touch stuff, and stay near me!  photo 171eresized_zps4f5edab8.jpg

Once at home Everett was the one in the ergo while I made dinner! We had beef stroganoff that night and it was so good! (Paula Deen’s recipe on the food network website)  photo 183eresized_zpsf6cc7dd7.jpg