Darn Memory

There’s so much going on, I forget almost everything unless I write it down. I need a planner or something.

The kids’ school was delayed a couple hours today. Instead of going home and dealing with them taking off their shoes and backpacks I went to Chik-fil-A in hopes of getting hot chocolate. Chik-fil-A doesn’t have hot chocolate. We shared a meal instead. They’d had cereal so this was just a bit extra.

I finally printed the last couple months worth of my pictures at Costco. I’m excited to finish up 2013 albums and start 2014!

I wish blogging from this phone was easier. It takes forever.

Everett is laying on my chest and has started to lick me. I guess he’s ready to nurse.

Before I go, I want to write that I bought the little kids coloring pads today and they used every single piece of paper in there. When he noticed he had three pages left, Payson cried, “I only have three pages left!” And I told him, “Maybe you shouldn’t have wasted pages writing butt over and over.”

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