Waiting for the internet guy to come.

I need to go to Costco for gluten free lunch stuff for Payson.

Everett cried for most of the day yesterday after his vaccinations. Around 10pm he stopped crying and started smiling and cooing and has been in a happy mood ever since! I’m glad 🙂

I wish I had a working dishwasher. I miss that luxury. Hand washing takes forever and I can’t do it while wearing Everett. It’ll be super awesome when he’s old enough to be worn in a back carry!

Are you excited for the super bowl? I’m SO excited! My home state’s team playing my current state’s team! Don’t throw tomatoes at me Washington fans but I’m going for the Broncos. Cut me some slack, though… they have Peyton Manning! Who doesn’t love Peyton Manning?!

Alrighty. I’m totally out of things to say!

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