Unpacking while the kids are at school!

Internet won’t be set up until later this week.

I unpacked all the kitchen stuff and then for fun skipped ahead to my profect life stuff. Ember is reading me her scrapbook based on the pictures and it’s the cutest thing!

The big kids had their first day of school this week and Sierra and Payson cried a lot! It broke my heart.

Everett had a checkup today. He’s 11 lbs. 10 oz. I felt like a monster when he got his shots! He’d been smiling so big at me right before 🙁

He’s sleeping on my shoulder as I type. We’re going to go get the big kids from school and then go to Sam’s Club for dinner. Allan’s out of state on business until Friday night. I miss him!

Ember is watching a bunny in our snowy yard. She’s calling him over, “Bunny! Bunny, come here!”
And when he doesn’t move, “Bunny, come here! I won’t hurt you!”
Then he runs away, “Mom, the bunny didn’t hear me, he just runned away.”

Well, texting a blog post is not the most fun so, until I get home internet..  I’m going to go.

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