Kindergarten only TWO Days a Week?!

Payson only goes to school two days out of the week. It’s actually pretty awesome! I always wanted a part-time kindergarten option so that I get a bit more time with my baby boy and he gets more individual time with Ember. They need that time to bond since once the older girls are around it’s fighting and bickering and contention all around 😛  photo 062eresized_zps64a3f801.jpg photo 064eresized_zps15c1b8eb.jpg

We were bored in the hotel room so we went out to find some fun. Barnes and Noble and Qdoba Mexican Grill were what we settled on.  photo 053eresized_zps99e2f896.jpg

We’re staying in a hotel about five minutes from Allan’s work so he comes home for lunch every day. Or meets us out for lunch. It’s AWESOME!
 photo 066eresized_zps5a0910aa.jpg

Qdoba wasn’t my fave. It was decently good but crazy expensive for Mexican food. IMHO  photo 037eresized_zps05cae9d5.jpg

5 thoughts on “Kindergarten only TWO Days a Week?!

  • I always forget that you guys start school a year later than we do here in the UK. Charlie is I think just a bit younger than Payson (C was 5 last Oct) but he started school last September. Here it's the September after you have turned 4 so it's not good if you have a baby in August or something as they'll JUST have turned 4 when they start big school. I think we start far too early here to be honest so I wish I had stayed in the US so my kids could've started a year later!

  • Ooh, that is so early! Brooklyn and Payson have summer birthdays so they would've been so, so young starting school there! I'm glad your Charlie was 5… I love that Ember was born in late September so she misses the cut off and I get an “extra” year with her at home. She'll be almost 6 by the time she starts school!

  • Yeah, I think it's probably more harmful emotionally to let kids start as early as they do here. I know some other European countries go to the other extreme and kids start at 7 or something. In a way I think kids grow up way too quickly as it is so why force school on them so early on top of that, you know? Living life and not being shoved into a classroom environment would be so much better! They also have so many rules here about pulling your kids out of school during the semester. I remember when I was a kid my folks would pull me out for 2 weeks to take me skiing and it was no big deal. Sigh.

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