Everett Smiles at King Sooper’s!

He woke up from a nap in the carseat. Usually he wakes up super cranky and cries and cries and cries until I take him out of the carseat and breastfeed him. This day I started talking to him and he smiled. And smiled again and again and again for the entire trip!! It was the best shopping trip EVER.  photo 070bwresized_zpsfd3c42a1.jpg photo 073bwresized_zps8e64bdc8.jpg photo 080bwresized_zps6e8f0ba7.jpg photo 084bwresized_zps197fe519.jpg photo 085bwresized_zps2a592d8c.jpg photo 089bwresized_zps013b1adb.jpg

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