Visiting a New Bass Pro Shops and Falling on Ice!

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So we’re walking up to Bass Pro Shops. The kids see this frozen pond. Payson, without hesitation, hops off the path and starts running across the frozen pond, toward the fountain.
And I freak out, thinking he’s going to fall through the ice because it hasn’t been that cold so how thick could it be?!
But Payson’s legs fly out from under him and he falls after taking three steps. I grab him and pull him onto the walkway and teach him about the danger of ice and ponds and don’teverdothatagain!!  photo 020eresized_zpsa4e029c4.jpg

So when we found out there was a Bass Pro Shops here in Colorado we were pretty darn excited! It’s not near our city but we consider it worth the long drive.  photo 024eresized_zpsa1a182fe.jpg

I told the kids they could do project life with me this year once we’re in a house. They love when I take pictures of their ponies while we’re out and I told them we could make little scrapbooks for them. The girls are crazy excited about this and talk about it every day. And ask me to take about five hundred pictures of their ponies every day. ha  photo 028eresized_zps19ff53b2.jpg photo 046eresized_zpsaff94453.jpg photo 035eresized_zps51eef3fc.jpg

We really liked this Bass Pro Shops. Though, we haven’t met one we didn’t like.  photo 064eresized_zps2c15f28c.jpg photo 068eresized_zps5c4aefd4.jpg photo 072resized_zps719659ff.jpg photo 073eresized_zps5010d8ce.jpg

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