Two Seconds Away from Mom is Two Too Many

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If I dare set Everett down so I can go pee he cries. He doesn’t like being set down. He doesn’t like much of anything, really. (That’s not true, it just feels like it sometimes) I feel silly to say he’s a colicky baby after having Payson but I imagine most people with babies as fussy as Everett do say they’re colicky. Payson cried more than any other baby on earth. I really think so. So Everett, who will calm down if he’s latched onto my boob, but not any other time, is easy in that comparison. But, he is a really, really fussy baby. My fussiest, besides Payson. It’s overwhelming to have five children and one be so darn cranky. Luckily I’ve been through worse with Payson so I know it gets better.
I am starting to cut milk out of my diet to see if that helps. He had a mucousy diaper yesterday so maybe he has an allergy. I still think (hope) it’s a milk supply thing. I have too much milk and sometimes the foremilk/hindmilk balance is off. I’m hoping that’s it. I don’t want to deal with more allergies. And I really don’t want to stop eating cheese and butter. haha  photo 018eresized_zpsa7bb58db.jpg

So Everett does this cute cry/smile thing lately. He’ll be crying and I’ll start talking to him and he’ll smile while crying. Or he’ll be crying but I’ll do something that he loves and he’ll start to coo in the middle of his cries. I need to try to get it on camera.

One thing Everett really loves is music. More than my other kids, if music is turned on he’s way happier. All music, but especially kid-targeted music. And even more specifically Silly Songs with Larry. He loves those!  photo 057eresized_zps9597a319.jpg photo 026eresized_zps7460affa.jpg photo 035eresized_zpse0cb8000.jpg photo 039eresized_zps0bdb428d.jpg

Another favorite of his is black. Black things. Like, my computer, my camera, dark frames around paintings, the straps on my ergo, etc. He loves looking at and smiling at super high contrast stuff. That’s normal for babies, though.
So anyway, his very favorite is this window in my hotel room. He loves looking at that more than most things. He’ll cry if I just lay him there but if I lay him there and talk to him or play music he’ll be pretty happy for two to ten minutes!  photo 084eresized_zpsc085cf2e.jpg photo 097eresized_zps9987fb8b.jpg

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