Story Book Reader and Windswept Boy

Okay so he’s not really windswept, the kids were all coming in and talking to me while I blow dried (blew dry? which do you prefer?) my hair. I can tell them dozens of times that I can’t hear them over the hair dryer but they continue to stand there talking to me. Of course, my kids spend every second of every day talking. Do your kids? Are my kids exceptionally verbal? It’s so extreme. I do not remember talking that much as a kid.
I had told them I couldn’t hear them enough times without them stopping so finally when they started walking in to tell me something (usually to tattle) I’d turn the blow dryer to cool and blow their faces. They liked it and it made them forget their urgent tattle 😛  photo 020eresized_zps3e1a6523.jpg

I love, love, love that the older kids read to the younger kids. My favorite is when I’m doing something (usually with Everett) and happen to walk in on story time. It’s so cute!  photo 004eresized_zps4a0708f4.jpg

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