Shall We Get out of this Hotel? Yes, We Shall!

So. Living in this hotel for the past 20 days has been the worst experience of my life. I gave that statement a lot of consideration before saying it because I’ve had some really bad periods of time in my life. Payson’s colic phase, my gallbladder illness phase, and a phase in early 2010 that I never even blogged about because it was too personal.

But yes, I think it’s safe to say this has been the worst. Just so bad. Colicky infant, 7 people in a hotel, Allan gone the first week in Arizona, school in another city (45 minute daily drive time to do the school thing, ugh), so many people, so little space… it’s too much to explain here but it sucks. A lot. I cry every single day. I try to be stronger but it sucks so bad I just can’t help it. I just want to get into a freaking house and be able to put my kids to bed in rooms AWAY from me! I’ve literally not had ONE second of time away from kids in a month! Not ONE second. Not while I sleep, not while I pee, not ANY time of ANY day or night. And Everett and his constant crying. Holy crap.

I told Allan, this may surprise you but I don’t want to camp or go anywhere for any reason ever again! I can’t even imagine wanting to go camping or staying in a hotel ever ever ever again. But I know this is a bad phase and bad phases end so maybe when Everett is out of diapers and a kid rather than a baby I’ll be interested again. Until further notice, I never ever want to leave my house again. haha!
Hotels are like hell to me now.  photo 116eresized_zps9ad9b7bf.jpg photo 119eresized_zps7568df8b.jpg photo 124eresized_zpsc51d630b.jpg

Looking at rental houses online.  photo 126eresized_zpsd3d6e0b6.jpg photo 128eresized_zps1b94e131.jpg photo 009eresized_zps0079caa0.jpg photo 011ebwresized_zpsb00a0829.jpg photo 017eresized_zpscc4e3706.jpg photo 018bwresized_zps07ac7178.jpg photo 025bwresized_zpsa26875f2.jpg photo 028bwresized_zps4408f1e3.jpg photo 063bwcropresized_zpsd22ef215.jpg photo 083bwresized_zpsf76caef9.jpg photo 090bwresized_zpsb623325c.jpg photo 107bwresized_zpsc1a3bba0.jpg photo 117eresized_zpseabb1fe0.jpg photo 138eresized_zpsb0d44104.jpg photo 158eresized_zpsd27ce0a1.jpg photo 168eresized_zps7080184e.jpg photo 183eresized_zpsdeb65e37.jpg

3 thoughts on “Shall We Get out of this Hotel? Yes, We Shall!

  • Everett is so lucky to have so many amazing siblings that love him so much 🙂 Hope things get better soon. I can't imagine not getting a break from the kids. I struggle after 3 hours with mine.

  • we did it with 2 kids and they had friends over once in awhile, and it was only a week and i was going nuts…i have no idea how you are doing it…hope you get into your house soon

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