Random Scenes from Around the Hotel

Everett loathes tummy time.  photo 138eresized_zps66b80dcb.jpg

I had honestly forgotten how many diapers infants go through. Holy crud I’m changing diapers constantly!  photo 168eresizeed_zps55f47067.jpg

One of the older kids was being mean to Ember so she came in crying for mommy milky. I told her not right now.  photo 170eresized_zpsade2b6e4.jpg photo 190eresized_zps21b2ab5c.jpg

To get her to cheer up I told her I loved the sad picture I took. It looked so cool, could she do another sad face? That is the best way to get good smiles out of Ember. ha  photo 192eresized_zpsb6dc4b0b.jpg photo 200eresized_zps31243ab7.jpg

I had a bunch of calls to make (rental houses) and Everett would not stop crying and I couldn’t hold him and call and write notes down so I sat him by me on the bed and propped his binky in his mouth and he stayed there just like that while I made about ten calls!  photo 220eresized_zpsee44a8ba.jpg photo 226eresized_zps926822cc.jpg

Someone told me in the comments (I can’t remember who, sorry!) that Target got their blank books back in stock! I bought four packs! I would’ve bought even more but we’re limited on space here in the hotel!
Anyway, Sierra and Brooklyn love those things!  photo 230eresized_zps57058b7a.jpg

Sierra’s loved horses since she was tiny and naturally her book was about a horse. She was bummed because she felt like the picture she drew on the front wasn’t very good.  photo 231eresiZEd_zpsa470cef3.jpg

My kids lovelove puzzles.  photo 238eresized_zps3cd47616.jpg photo 243eresized_zpsdbb0bf99.jpg

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