Getting Ready for a FANCY Hotel Dinner!

My title is sarcastic.
The hotel provides dinner sometimes to encourage socializing with other guests, I think. We usually get our food and bring it back to our room. lol! It’s not that we don’t love socializing (well, we don’t love it really) but with five kids, one who is bound to start crying any second to be nursed, it’s easier to do dinner in our hotel room!  photo 040eresized_zpsb828efcd.jpg

So I was getting Everett ready (changing a poopy diaper) while the kids raided my makeup without permission. With a tiny hotel space and no locks on anything they all feel like they can mess with whatever they want whenever they want.  photo 041eresized_zps9a51a605.jpg

I don’t mind my kids putting on makeup, but when they mess with it without permission that’s not cool. And I want to make sure they’re not using my nice stuff in stupid ways. Like, they’ll use my $6 eyeliner (to me that’s expensive, lol) and waste it all in one makeup “session.” So not cool!  photo 044eresized_zps86a2032b.jpg

Brooklyn and Sierra felt super pretty, though. They looked super pretty, too!  photo 057eresized_zpse6086926.jpg photo 066eresized_zps4debf61b.jpg

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