First Day of School! I Took ONE Picture!

The kids’ first day of school in their new school was freaking nuts! It did not go smoothly at all. I took one picture.  photo 090eresized_zps50d5293d.jpg
haha! It’s a LONG story, which is only ever going to make it to my personal journal because I’m way too lazy to type it out for other people to read. You know how in your journal you can ramble on and on and go back and forth in your story and it doesn’t have to read well? It’s just for you so you can write however you want… well, long stories lately are going in my journal because I don’t have time to think enough to type a story well.
I will say, there were lots of tears but by the end of the day the kids, all three, claimed it, “The best day of my life!”

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