It’s a must in the hotel. We have three beds and seven people. I share a bed with Ember and Everett. Allan shares a bed with Payson. Brooklyn and Sierra would share a bed but then they’d be up all night (literally) so Brooklyn sleeps in a bed alone and Sierra sleeps on the couch.

One trick I learned to getting Ember to fall asleep is laying Everett between us. I nurse him and she cuddles up to him (she loves this!) and they both fall asleep. Then I move him to my other side and lay between them. Ember would LOVE it if she could sleep next to Everett all night but it’s not even a little bit safe! haha  photo 001eresized_zps9fac57bc.jpg

I love looking at them together sleeping right before I go and move everything. My sweet, sleeping babies.  photo 002eresized_zps9e9906f7.jpg

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