Cancelling our House Contract and Getting a Rental House!

So we decided we didn’t want to buy a house after all. Mostly because we don’t know how long we’ll live here in Colorado. But partly because we don’t want to pay an extra $500 a month when we could pay less for a rental. So we cancelled our house contract and rented a place instead.

Funny how hours of work can be shrugged off so easily in that last sentence. “We wanted to rent so we rented.”
It was a major pain in the butt finding a rental. First of all calling a bunch of people in between bouts of Everett’s crying, then waiting for people to call back because practically no one answers their phone. Then going to see a bunch of houses, trekking five kids all over the freaking city every night for a week. Then making the decision when both adults can’t agree at all. Allan and I have completely opposite opinions on homes so it was tough deciding. In the end I went with the house he wanted because I just got so sick of disagreeing and discussing.

It isn’t lost on me, by the way, how privileged a problem I had. Choosing between several options for where we get to live. When things got stressful I’d stop and tell myself to just stop it already. I’m looking at spacious houses with heat and cooling and everything you could possibly want in a home and I’m getting stressed by the options?? Ummm, stupid/entitled/spoiled American. haha. So awful to see horrible traits in myself and how easily I feel sorry for problems I have that are not really problems.

These pictures are from inside a house we looked at. We didn’t go with this one though it was my personal favorite. Small but not too small, cheap, easy.  photo 135eresized_zps85152de9.jpg photo 138eresized_zpsd53f78fa.jpg photo 140eresized_zps7a560d80.jpg

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