Trying to Cope!

Life is super crazy! I’ve been doing really well at taking photos of it all but I upload them to my computer and never have a chance to look through them. One day I will, but not this day 😉

For now, here are some photos from when I took Everett’s 7 week old photos. That was the last time I edited pictures!  photo 388eresized_zps4faa8ff1.jpg

Ember loves helping out with diaper changes and dressing Everett. It slows things down but stuff like that makes a big difference to preschoolers with new brothers so I let her help as often as possible.  photo 404eresized_zps384de38a.jpg

Payson helps sometimes, too.  photo 424eresized_zps387bafbf.jpg

Payson is so different with Everett than the girls are. He adores his brother and is so sweet with him, but it’s just different. The girls sing and talk to Everett and want to hold him over their shoulders and mommy him. Payson’s favorite thing to do with Everett is show him his favorite toys and pictures and books and to play with his face and stuff. More, I-want-to-play-with-you than I-want-to-baby-you. lol  photo 429bwresized_zps3be484d4.jpg

Seriously, Payson is always touching Everett’s face.  photo 431eresized_zps5c1ac97b.jpg

They both like each other a lot and I’m so freaking happy to have another little boy. God knows way better than I do at what our family needed! I love, love, love having two sons! photo 451eresized_zps78e5a8b4.jpg

Daddy read some books one night.  photo 462eresized_zps46dc5ff3.jpg photo 465eresized_zps0af58360.jpg photo 468eresized_zps4d6dfafe.jpg

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