Dangerous Exercise!

So Ember was playing on the treadmill and Brooklyn turned it on. The treadmill was set to 3.5 mph and Ember went flying off the back end of it. She smashed her lip on the edge of the treadmill and started wailing. It was the saddest thing. Thankfully Everett was sleeping so I could hold her and snuggle and comfort her.
The next day at lunch time the kids were being cute. I was taking pictures of them and then snapped a few closeups of Ember’s lip.  photo 255eresized_zps48ace71a.jpg photo 259eresized_zps51eb5b70.jpg photo 271eresized_zps27523a26.jpg photo 272eresized_zps931840db.jpg

Not too long later I went to check on the little kids (I check on them constantly because they’re almost always doing something naughty and destructive!) and they were watching TV in a very cute way. I though it was funny how Ember was laying on the dresser.  photo 319eresized_zps8c4f243d.jpg

Everett had just had a boatload of breastmilk and was pretty happy so I laid him next to Payson to hang out for a bit. It only last about thirty second before Everett was crying for me again but Payson liked those thirty seconds. haha  photo 338eresized_zps66ee2590.jpg

And later in the day I let Brooklyn hold Everett when he was happy. It’s difficult finding times for the kids to hold their brother because he really just wants to be held by me all day long. But I make sure they get time every day with him. They really love it.  photo 341eresized_zps31fdcbf4.jpg

The next morning.  photo 352eresized_zpsf1826e7b.jpg

I discovered that if nursed Everett to sleep and then laid him in his carseat with the iPod with the white noise track on low he’d sleep in there sometimes for a half hour!  photo 361eresized_zpsb096dff3.jpg

We go to breakfast every morning and I try not to take too many pictures but I think I will want to remember that time since we do it every single day and it’s such an ordeal. Four kids in a buffet type environment… OY. They go nuts. It’s like Christmas every morning. We have kids putting honey and whipped cream on muffins, kids making hot chocolate with four packets of hot chocolate mix (and adding whipped cream of course), kids eating bowls and bowls of fruit loops, kids taking ten pieces of bacon, kids wrapping fruit loops up in breakfast ham like a burrito, and you know… anything else kids will do when given free reign over food. lol  photo 364eresized_zps26cd405f.jpg photo 376eresizedb_zps243f4418.jpg

This day was Sierra’s 8th birthday!  photo 389eresized_zpsdf67f333.jpg

It’s going to be a brutal adjustment for these munchkins when we’re in our house and their only beverages are water and milk. haha  photo 408eresized_zps188010ae.jpg photo 421bwresized_zps9c61ec92.jpg photo 428eresized_zpscc303a18.jpg

I love that Ember loves Everett so much even though he really doesn’t give her any good feedback and takes up most of my time. Time that used to be all hers. It amazes me that she feels completely enamored with him this much 7 weeks later ♥
She was peeking in on him and telling him about breakfast time.  photo 441eresized_zpsaf8f5d4f.jpg

Sierra did this funny thing where she told me to open her hands. She said her hands were a diaper though and said to, “Open up the baby’s diaper.” When I did she just had one finger poking up in the middle. Like a wiener. It was inappropriate but I totally laughed. Payson saw me laughing and didn’t have any idea what Sierra was doing or why it was funny, just that it got mommy to laugh. So he told me to open up his cup. Then he stuck his finger in and wiggled it around and laughed. Weirdo. photo 450bwresized_zpsb0cb1d26.jpg

You can imagine that the older girls go crazy around the food. They’ve been loading up their plates and cups and it got to be way too much. Sierra was the worst. That girl hardly eats but would load up enough food to feed a man. She’d waste 80% of it. I try really hard to not harp on my kids, to pick my battles and let as much go as possible. But watching them throw away food every day was too much and I had to speak up after day five-ish! I told Sierra she could get one, maybe two, things and when they were consumed she could get more. Anyway, here are pictures of the girls getting food!  photo 454eresized_zpsf6a3b763.jpg photo 456eresized_zps13696378.jpg photo 467eresized_zpsfcb164a6.jpg

I get the little kids’ food every day but that doesn’t stop them from wandering over from time to time to grab at things.  photo 474eresized_zpsd9b7494c.jpg photo 490eresized_zpsb9637ea5.jpg

Ember needed some mommy time.  photo 496eresized_zpsf412f32e.jpg photo 503eresized_zpseb6399d2.jpg

There are a couple computers with internet downstairs. I let the kids play webkinz and other video games online for a long time. I’m so nice 😛
 photo 507eresized_zpsd6ef6c82.jpg photo 515eresized_zpsd134ceed.jpg photo 516eresized_zps7ebea737.jpg

Of course at one point I had to take a couple minutes to show off my mad video game skillz. The kids love to watch me beat games. haha!
 photo 517eresized_zps05d540d7.jpg

The only other thing we did that day that I photographed was a quick trip to Sam’s Club to buy printer paper. Their new school told me to print out all the enrollment papers and I ran out of paper since there were FORTY FIVE pages!!  photo 526eresized_zps21d8a5c7.jpg photo 528eresized_zpsaf00fe1c.jpg photo 531eresized_zps4b75ee15.jpg

I miss Everett’s crib and swing. I can’t freaking wait to move into our house!!!  photo 002bwresized_zpsb87cd297.jpg

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