It Snowed and I Did Laundry!!

This was last Friday, I think! I’m behind on blogging again. Life in a hotel is hectic with five kids!

First thing that morning I found Ember standing out the window watching the snow fall.  photo 007eresized_zps0301d25c.jpg

We majorly needed some clothes washed so I brought our two laundry baskets full of clothes downstairs to the hotel’s laundry room.  photo 013eresized_zps9e8b61b6.jpg

It took about two seconds for Ember to excitedly ask if she could help me. She unloaded the baskets into the washing machines all by herself!
 photo 014eresized_zps3dd9dd70.jpg

The laundry room door leads to the courtyard so while I did laundry the kids played outside. I didn’t take pictures of them out there since I stayed indoors with Ember and Everett. The kids were super bummed when it was finally time to come in.  photo 028eeresized_zps8ab4d265.jpg

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