A New Library to Explore!!

Last Friday I told the kids to get their shoes on so we could go to a library and Ember initially had on two pink boots but then switched one out for a black snow boot. I asked her if she was sure that’s what she wanted to wear and she said, “Yes! I wearing two boots!”  photo 010Eresized_zps28f78d36.jpg

Showing off her new kitten mittens.  photo 019e2resized_zpsba266b32.jpg

The kids were excited to visit a new library. Both Payson and Ember asked me at different times before we got there if there was going to be a new castle. They were both bummed when I said no. They liked the new library anyway!  photo 028eresized_zps2c09241e.jpg

Ember was excited that this library had a puppet theater like our old one did!  photo 038eresized_zps9e3b0b47.jpg photo 040eresized_zpscb766c58.jpg  photo 045eresized_zps22fec7ff.jpg

By some miracle Everett slept the entire 45 minutes we were there!  photo 057eresized_zps88ef2926.jpg photo 060eresized_zpsecabdbd9.jpg

Sierra liked these My Little Pony comics that I found on a wall display. She was disappointed that we couldn’t get library cards yet because she really wanted to check them out!  photo 074eresized_zpsae27c910.jpg

There were giant letters on the wall and each kid tried to find the letters to spell their names.  photo 081eresized_zpsaac8f14d.jpg

Me, Sierra, and Payson went into the storytime room. I watched Ember through the window. She was SO cute when she noticed we were gone. She was looking around seriously, spotted me, grinned, and jumped up and ran to us.  photo 093eresized_zpsb8c24c2b.jpg photo 100eresized_zpsaec160d0.jpg photo 108eresized_zps78c0a9c8.jpg

Sierra set up some of the storytime games and we played them.  photo 123eresized_zps42d25699.jpg

Brooklyn joined us after having looked at the older kids’ book section.  photo 128eresized_zps42885f51.jpg

By this time the library was about to close. Remember when we went to Sam’s Club and they were closing? I never blogged about it but it freaked Ember out. So when she heard they were closing the library she got hysterical and kept begging me to leave the library right then so that we didn’t get trapped inside! I kept explaining we still had time and that they wouldn’t close the doors with us inside but nothing calmed her down. She kept looking to all the doors and watching the library workers intensely and every time they walked anywhere or anytime someone went through a door she started crying!
She was REALLY happy when we left the library and weren’t trapped inside after all! lol  photo 134eresized_zpse24d0cd0.jpg

Outside the sky was amazing.  photo 142eresized_zps0f656841.jpg photo 159eresized_zps24f0a417.jpg

Ember was very serious, still a bit worried from the close call we had to being locked in the library all night 😉  photo 160eresized_zps7855a12d.jpg

But she cheered up quickly.  photo 166eresized_zps6ec0f9ca.jpg

Once “home” I took a picture of the somewhat clean hotel room because since we’ve been here it’s only been clean one other time. The four older kids are SO FREAKING MESSY. It’s like a bomb went off in this room 99% of the time.  photo 175eresized_zpsc2b29591.jpg photo 187ebwresized_zpsdedaccdd.jpg

Ember, as she always does these days, cried for mommy milky. I really loathe extended breastfeeding and wish I’d weaned her a long, long time ago. Like maybe a year ago! Breastfeeding a child with teeth is incredibly annoying. It feels horrible and I hate every second of it. Not to mention, I need to regulate my milk supply for Everett and even one preschooler nursing “session” boosts my supply up too much for Everett to handle. And… he always wants to nurse, I don’t even have the time to sit down and breastfeed her if I wanted to.
Anyway, Allan wants me to just cut her off cold turkey and truthfully I’d love that, but… with her crazy life and all the other transitions and adjustments I just can’t fully do it yet. I do say no most of the time but once every day or two I give in and let her nurse.  photo 181eresized_zps2b88e1fb.jpg

2 thoughts on “A New Library to Explore!!

  • OMG…that sweet, sad little face! No wonder you give in and nurse her from time to time.

    It looks like you're doing a great job getting out, exploring and becoming acclimated to your new surroundings. There is no better way to make a new place start feeling like home! It can't be easy juggling everything on your own during these first few days, but you have the “company” of many!

    Sending warm thoughts from NC –


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