Buying a New House for New Year’s!!

What better way to celebrate New Year’s than by buying a NEW house in a NEW state?! haha  photo 125eresized_zps3cbb34c7.jpg

The kids were really surprised to hear that we were buying this house because we’d planned all along on renting.  photo 155eresized_zps3ed47938.jpg

Colorado isn’t our forever home (we might only be here a couple years) so we really didn’t want to be saddled with home ownership again but, the renting situation out here majorly sucks so… we bought! Yikes! Kinda nerve wracking, but I do really love the house Allan picked out!
So do the kids! Then again, I’m pretty sure they’d love any house we picked just because it is new to them!  photo 167eresized_zps5b3a8554.jpg

This picture is of everyone standing in front of what will be their rooms.  photo 179eresized_zps8b182592.jpg

Ember was telling me to play hide and seek with her.  photo 185eresized_zps20b325c6.jpg

“Come on!”
 photo 187eresized_zps0e3fb081.jpg

The kids were super bummed we couldn’t stay there!  photo 198eresized_zps96e8da43.jpg

While Allan and I were signing the paperwork the kids were goofing off. They spotted this award and laughed for quite a while about the statue’s bare butt.  photo 215eresized_zps5138beb4.jpg

Allan had to run an errand and dropped me off at a KFC so I could breastfeed a very hungry Everett. Ember came with me.  photo 227eresized_zpsd7f55231.jpg

I set up the camera on the neighboring table and Ember had a lot of fun taking hundreds of pictures. Most were of an empty table or were totally black because she’d messed with the camera settings but there were a few keepers in there, too!  photo 238eresized_zps33af690c.jpg photo 239eresized_zps6056d41b.jpg photo 240eresized_zps6c86df24.jpg photo 241eresized_zps5a236dec.jpg

I didn’t know she took this next one until I got home and uploaded the pictures. She was already in bed for the night when I saw it and it tugged at my heart. I love her little face peeking in all blurry ♥  photo 244eresized_zps77fa74a7.jpg

Allan finally came and got us and when I put Everett in his carseat he wasn’t happy.  photo 248eresized_zps78f73a73.jpg

But with a full belly of milk he calmed down once he got his binky.  photo 253eresized_zps8c440d6f.jpg

Allan dropped the kids and me off at the hotel and then went immediately to the airport with his brother. He went back to Arizona for a week to finish up things there. It’s going to be brutal without him. I missed him the second the hotel door closed after him 🙁

There was no rest for the weary, though. We don’t have food in our hotel room yet because we’ve been so busy with other errands, running to the grocery store hasn’t made the list of accomplishments. So I took the kids to Sam’s Club for dinner. I forgot it was New Year’s Eve and they closed early. We barely had time to buy food from the food court. We were the last ones to order before they closed! Eeeps
 photo 263eresized_zpse67c4006.jpg photo 269eresized_zpscfb6be5d.jpg photo 272eresized_zps7f7d3f60.jpg photo 284eresized_zps2f6f0d0b.jpg

We stopped and got cookies from the kitchen area of our hotel before going back to our room for the night!  photo 257cropresized_zps4cf3c342.jpg

Oh and a video!

7 thoughts on “Buying a New House for New Year’s!!

  • LOVE your new house! So much space. Living in London, the rooms and houses are pretty darn small unless you have several million to spend on something. I want to move back to the States so we can have a bigger house and I can hit all the craft stores, lol. Hope the week zooms past so you're not solo parenting for long. Also, how the heck do you find time to blog?!? I finally blogged today but the time before that was for Halloween. I'm inspired by you to try blogging more often! Happy New year!

  • Love the new house, it looks so nice!!!!! The video is awesome as well, you're kids are very funny! You are definitely super mom. Your kids are always so well dressed, and you always look amazing really don't know how you do it!!! I think Brooklyn looks a lot like Allen, and Ember looks the most like you 🙂

  • The kids look like they are going to love that house. I have always been curious which kids share a bedroom together in your house???

  • Sierra and Ember share, Payson and Everett will share, Brooklyn is by herself. Right now Payson has had his own room for 5 years… he's excited for when Everett is old enough to move in with him!

  • What a great way to celebrate the New Year! So much fun, your kids look thrilled! A new place is exciting! Where at in CO are you – or maybe you aren't sharing? We have family there and have vacationed a lot in that state so I was just curious! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your beautiful new home in your snowy (and from the looks of it, fun!) new state! Here's to new beginnings and a welcome change of scenery, location and temperature! Wishing you and your sweet family good health, a smooth transition and many blessings in the coming year!

    Happy 2014!

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