Our Hotel Comes with Free Rides!!!

Allan used this luggage cart to bring all of our many boxes up to our room. He was finished unloading everything and about to take it back to the front lobby when I told the kids to climb on! I figured I’d really want to ride one if I were a kid.
Okay nevermind, I’ll be honest, I’m 30 years old and currently want to ride that thing, too 😉  photo 003eresized_zps7ae9064c.jpg photo 007eresized_zpscb7b01a6.jpg photo 011eresized_zpsf2bd92d3.jpg photo 020eresized_zps30b413d1.jpg photo 038eresized_zps5ba4b4db.jpg

By this point two things were going on:
a) Allan wanted me to not take this next photo because he was getting impatient and wanted to hurry up and get in the car
b) I told Allan it’s just who I am to document everything and I was just going to take the picture anyway photo 043eresized_zps5b13d413.jpg

Ember’s first experience with snow was really funny. She LOVED it and was excited but also worried to touch it. I don’t know what she was thinking about it but she was too nervous to touch it for a couple minutes! She finally did though and then laughed about it. But then didn’t like her cold hand! haha  photo 047eresized_zpsbbdae27a.jpg photo 051eresized_zpsa3efbc2d.jpg photo 058eresized_zps8764467f.jpg

Yesterday for dinner we hit up KFC (Allan’s fave, not mine) and Sierra loved that there were “a hundred of me!” in this diamond patterned wall.  photo 066eresized_zpsa42ce5d5.jpg

Zoomed in view:  photo 066eresized2_zps2f0868e8.jpg

Allan was gone all morning so I got to take the kids down to breakfast by myself. The moby wrap saved the day for that experience!  photo 068eresized_zps9bffc1e2.jpg photo 069bwresized_zps64c9d55c.jpg photo 071eresized_zpsd0ead723.jpg

Sierra opened a butter packet to butter some bread and exclaimed, “My butter looks like boobs!!” And the rest of the kids burst out laughing and started begging to see the “butter boobs.”  photo 073eresized_zpsdf2fdade.jpg photo 074eresized_zps38fa9738.jpg

We posed in the hotel hallway and now I’ll change Everett’s poopy diaper and then we’re off to look at houses! We’re running late since Everett wanted to eat and Allan’s already in the car with the other kids, probably thinking that will make things go faster. But seriously, there is NO hurrying a baby breastfeeding 😛 photo 079eresized_zpsfab0c5eb.jpg

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