Photoshoot Crasher

I was snapping some pictures of Everett chilling out in a diaper. Pleased as punch that he was finally content to lounge sans clothing and allow me some photos of that wittle body.
 photo 308eresized_zpsfcc8a218.jpg photo 339e2resized_zpsaea9b248.jpg photo 466eresized_zps5a9bd80c.jpg

But Ember decided to crash our photoshoot.
One thing you should know about Ember is… she is obsessed with her baby brother. She thinks he’s just about the best toy I’ve ever given her. She literally hovers around him all day. She adores him.  photo 379eresized_zps100acb9d.jpg photo 391eresized_zpsf633bf93.jpg

And one thing you should know about Everett is… he seems pretty enamored with his big sister, too!  photo 409eresized_zps6e052fa4.jpg photo 414eresized_zps67d72bec.jpg photo 416eresized_zps05d9a254.jpg

One thought on “Photoshoot Crasher

  • He's really filling out a lot! He doesn't have the 'skinny chicken leg' look that newborns have in the beginning 🙂 I can't wait to see his relationship with Ember grow…I bet they'll be best buds

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