Mailing Letters to Santa!

The kids wrote letters to Santa and mailed them off last week. I was a smart mama and scanned their letters to have copies on the computer forever. They were too cute not to and now I can print small copies for their scrapbooks. I like adding stuff like that to my kids’ albums 🙂  photo 816eresized_zps75b74b72.jpg

Brooklyn’s letter:
 photo brooklynsanta_zps831b7bef.jpg photo 780eresized_zps10ac0113.jpg

Sierra’s letter:
 photo sierrasantablur_zps68d7486a.jpg photo 794eresized_zps5ddd9a12.jpg

Payson’s letter:
 photo paysonsanta_zpsb79287b9.jpg photo 784eresized_zps7d766d9b.jpg

Ember’s letter:
 photo embersanta_zps08625193.jpg photo 792eresized_zps95c17572.jpg

Walking down to the mailbox to send them off.  photo 823eresized_zps38f564cf.jpg photo 824eresized_zps1d9387ab.jpg

Brooklyn’s envelope:  photo 830eresized_zpsf92bde4d.jpg

Sierra’s envelope:  photo 828eresized_zps4f33f3e7.jpg

Payson’s envelope:  photo 829eresized_zps79d3a680.jpg

Ember’s envelope:  photo 827eresized_zpsb916eb48.jpg

I took pictures of them mailing their letters. Brooklyn didn’t want one of her doing it so that’s why there are only shots of the other three.
 photo 853eresized_zps59a54be4.jpg photo 861eresized_zps3c1551e5.jpg photo 839eresized_zpseed913e6.jpg photo 845eresized_zps53aea3a1.jpg

One thought on “Mailing Letters to Santa!

  • Their letters are ADORABLE!!! Omg, so so cute. Brooklyn's handwriting looks great! Didn't you used to struggle with her penmanship? Peyton still scribbles like a left handed blind kid 🙁 I've given up all hope of her writing ever improving at all.

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