Everett Outgrows His First Outfit at 3 Weeks Old!

He hasn’t put on much chub but he’s definitely growing “taller!” His legs couldn’t even come close to being able to straighten out when I put him in this newborn sized outfit today. It fit him so perfectly earlier this week! It’s a bummer to start needing to use his 0-3 month clothes to fit his limbs because they’re still so baggy on him! Hopefully he “fattens up” soon!  photo 001bwresized_zpsff5680ee.jpg photo 009eresized_zps832f6771.jpg photo 012eresized_zps2ae51751.jpg

It took all of five seconds out of my arms for him to freak out. Mommy hasn’t put baby down for more than a couple minutes in almost a month!
Oh and while he was crying I hurried and snapped a picture of his gums! I hadn’t documented his cleft gum yet! (Cleft gums don’t require any surgery or anything like that, he’ll just have a gap between his front teeth and braces should fix it; none of his palette is cleft)
 photo 033ereized_zpsca1a4f27.jpg

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  • Did the dr mention anything about his upper lip frenulum causing feeding issues? Graham was tongue tied when he was born and even though it SEEMED like he was nursing well, he wasn't gaining weight and was continuing to be really jaundiced, until we got it snipped (with a laser by a pedi dentist). Just curious if this could be an issue with Everett since I know you'd mentioned him not gaining much weight (which Leah didn't either and she was fine, so I know there's not always a “problem”). Anyway, he's just gorgeous and I love love love all the pics you've been posting!

  • Nobody said anything about a lip tie causing problems. He's had a couple doctors look at his gum line (in the hospital and at his regular practice). Maybe I should get a second opinion because after googling he does have all the “issues” other babies with lip ties have! I'm going to schedule an appointment for tomorrow to get it looked at by another doctor! Thanks for pointing that out!

  • It was actually the LC that picked up on Graham's, and he'd been in the dr. several times because of his jaundice. Let me know what they say!

  • I will! I'll blog about it. I'm actually going to go directly to a dentist in a town an hour away. I googled and found a video from him about posterior tongue ties and lip ties and how many doctors miss them or don't check for them. So I'll give him a call tomorrow morning and see if he can squeeze me in soon for an appointment! I pumped and bottle fed Everett tonight and he downed three ounces of breastmilk after nursing for twenty minutes 🙁
    Did Graham's weight and nursing improve right after the procedure? Oh and how long did it take you to get in for an appointment and then how long was it until the procedure?!
    Thanks for all the info, btw, I had no idea about any of this!

  • Funny that Amber mentioned it because I was just clicking on the comments to also suggest to you that you have him checked for a tongue tie. Both my kids had it and neither were diagnosed in the hospital or subsequent pediatrician visits until I asked them to check it out. Neither of mine were clipped but it might be worth it if he's having feeding issues.

  • As for the appt, we got in the next day and then the procedure was the day after that. Because he was so so jaundiced, everyone, even the LC said that I should allow him to latch, but to pump and feed him that milk as much as possible until he had the procedure done. Then, by the time he had it, he wouldn't latch at all. He'd only take a bottle. I tried everything and worked with the LC and we couldn't get him back on the breast. I think as long as you keep nursing Everett, he'll be fine. But he had no trouble gaining weight once he went to bottles. And they are good to go once the numbing anesthesia wears off after the procedure. There's really no recovery time at all.

  • Hey, my name is Basia, im from Poland. I found your blog while I was looking for some pictures of children with a lip tie.
    My son has the same problem and when I look at the picture of your son it looks just the same.My son is almost 2 months now. I love him so much and I am afraid thats something serious…I must take him to the dentist. I would like to talk to you about it some more, if you could please email me and I will write you back badboo@wp.pl 🙂

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