Buying New Pants and Hitting Up Costco

Of course we hit up Costco. When are we not at Costco, right?

Target got a visit, too. Because my clothing situation is pretty bad. It seems like nothing in any size fits me. Or if it fits it’s difficult to breastfeed in. Grr.
One thing I bit the bullet and did was buy new pants. My old ones were falling off me. No I’m not tiny by any means, I just don’t have any pants in the size I’m currently in since I’m usually bigger or smaller than this. Never this particular size. Ugh.  photo 044eresized_zpsd251c063.jpg

Everett cried on the way to Target and cried all through Target. I stopped to nurse him like three times but he’d still cry the second my boob left his mouth. Allan had dropped me off and then went on to Macy’s to get pants for himself. I texted him after like five minutes and said, “Come get me. E is screaming.” lol. This baby is not the most easy going!  photo 049eresized_zpsd0cdf514.jpg
Seriously I breastfed in the car right before going in Target, then in the fitting room, and then at Starbucks in Target (that was the worse) and… just no. No, no, no, it doesn’t work. I loathe breastfeeding in public because Everett can NOT nurse with a cover on (he just lets go of my boob and SCREAMS the second I put something over him) and nursing without a cover is not even close to possible with my big chest. I don’t feel like showing my breasts to everyone. Nor do I want to risk someone saying something to me! I don’t think I could handle it emotionally!

But anyway, here are some photos from Costco. Since I share so few from that place 😛  photo 055eresized_zps901d546c.jpg

Payson had asked me if he could do a mad face for the family picture and I said do whatever you want! Ember asked to see the back of the camera after I took the family picture and when she saw Payson’s mad face she insisted I take a picture of her mad face!  photo 056eresized_zps07dbea49.jpg

Honking daddy’s nose!  photo 060eresized_zpsb0c86c81.jpg

In the parking lot Ember was in a good mood and running to the car door. She tripped and fell though. Then we were talking about when she ate the moon and how it was in her tummy.  photo 089eresized_zps15d55386.jpg

I guess the day before or earlier in the day Allan and she had been talking about eating the moon? It made her giggle when we were asking her why in the world she’d eaten the poor moon. She said, “It’s right there, see??” And pointed to the moon in the sky.  photo 093eresized_zps0bc9dcb9.jpg

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  • I love your baby carrier. The color is gorgeous! I always hated nursing in public too because my babies didn't like the nursing covers much (when Leah got older she'd just grab at it and pull it off anyway). The thing that worked best for me was to wear tank tops under all my shirts. Then I would pull the tank top down and pull the shirt up. Then after I got the baby latched, I could adjust a little to cover the most skin. Nursing with big boobs is hard! 🙂

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