Bathtime Adventures with Everett

So the actual water part, washing part, of bathtime doesn’t have Everett screaming anymore. He’s calm now but only if I take a bath with him. Cuddled up to my chest he actually seems to like the feeling of the water. It’s the part when we get out and I lay him on the towel… it takes like two seconds to get him wrapped up tightly but he lets up some extreme screaming during that part. And then I breastfeed him to calm him down and then I try to get him dressed and he’s pretty hysterical again. This baby just hates being naked! Or even in only a diaper. Fully dressed for Everett at all times, please!  photo 111eresized_zps09e4d485.jpg

Today I attempted to keep him mellow after breastfeeding, but before getting him dressed, with the binky.  photo 114eresized_zps776b4b4d.jpg

Okay, things aren’t going so bad…  photo 127eresized_zps33befa3a.jpg

But it doesn’t matter how warm the room is or even if I have a space heater nearby, the second the towel opens he’s crying.  photo 131eresized_zps7a88312f.jpg

I got really close to him and held his hands and talked to him and he mellowed out!  photo 135eresized_zpsa213363d.jpg photo 137eresized_zpsb1436276.jpg
For a few seconds. Then he was crying again and not happy until he was fully dressed. haha

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