Weekdays with the Little Two

The most bizarre thing about having Everett is saying “The Little Two” and having it be Ember and Everett instead of Payson and Ember. It took me over two weeks to get used to not referring to Payson and Ember as “the little two.” It still feels strange and Everett’s almost a month old!

But anyway, spending weekdays with the little two is an experience. Ember thinks Everett is awesome but she does get super sad if she doesn’t get enough mommy time. Luckily I get sad if I don’t get enough time with her, too. ha

Waiting for pictures to be printed at Costco:  photo 002eresized_zpsbd5fd23a.jpg photo 005eresized_zps4eabd382.jpg

She is super affectionate ♥  photo 013eresized_zps92834c11.jpg

Showing off her “cool dude” pose at Barnes and Noble.  photo 034eresized_zps4c7545ee.jpg

We went there to get some stuffed animals for the other kids for Christmas. My kids are obsessed with stuffed animals so I bought them a couple extra. They’re going to flip out on Christmas morning because I told them that I didn’t buy them any this year!  photo 039eresized_zps2349be2e.jpg

She was pretty happy when I held her while Everett was in the moby wrap.  photo 051bw2resized_zpse3d30a91.jpg

I bought an iPod dock so that I could play a running water track while Everett sleeps in his bouncy chair. That running water track has given me several naptimes already. Naptimes are crucial to get some cleaning and cooking done!  photo 064eresized_zpsd37b15f1.jpg

Ember loves to hang out with me while I nurse Everett. Usually I nurse him on the couch so it’s easier for her to sit right next to me. This day I’d edited some pictures while feeding him so she brought a chair over to hang out with us.  photo 074eresized_zps9da52f8b.jpg photo 089eresized_zpscf334383.jpg photo 095eresized_zpseb911d76.jpg

She really, really adores him. She loves that she’s healthy now and can “play” with him whenever she wants to.  photo 123bw2resized_zpse61b5f6a.jpg

I love that she’s so sweet and soft with him. She does silly faces and sounds for him and sings to him when he cries. I love this part of having a preschool aged child and a baby.  photo 126eresized_zpsde2e0b21.jpg

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