Meeting Santa!

First, Santa at Bass Pro Shops in years passed:
We decided to go meet Santa while my mom was here because that sounded like a fun thing to share with her. First we stopped at the mall to get Allan some clothes since he’s going to Colorado the next day to work for a week at his new company.
We eat at the food court in the mall. My mom and I get Sbarro’s and for some reason it’s repulsive. I end up getting myself a corn dog instead! It’s cool being able to eat a hotdog after 9 months of none!
Ember fell asleep on the way to Bass Pro Shops and we didn’t bother waking her up. She’s cranky on a normal day for a good half hour after waking up from a nap and we knew being woken up to meet Santa (which she expressed fear over anyway) didn’t seem logical! lol
We decided Allan and I would join the kids in the picture so that he could hold Ember in it and I could have Everett in it. But then Everett was asleep in the ergo so I didn’t bother taking him out or anything. He wasn’t even showing in the picture, but he was there. haha

Elevator at the mall:  photo 138eresized_zps19f74da8.jpg

Corn dogs and fries for the munchkins. (plain hotdog for Payson)  photo 147eresized_zpscc662f1d.jpg photo 149eresized_zpsed449da9.jpg photo 152eresized_zps44fbdb38.jpg photo 144eresized_zpse702dfe3.jpg photo 153eresized_zps7da82376.jpg

At Macy’s Sierra asked me to take a picture of her with her husband.  photo 157eresized_zpsdc744a3c.jpg

Are my kids the only weirdos who pretend mannequins are family members? Depending on the look of the mannequin Brooklyn and Sierra will say to them, “Hello, mom!” Or, “Here’s my sister!” or other stuff like that. Weirdos. photo 160eresized_zps473ed373.jpg photo 163eresized_zps15225d96.jpg photo 172eresized_zpsff09ef14.jpg photo 178eresized_zps9dc2553b.jpg photo 186eresized_zpse3db084f.jpg photo 194eresized_zpsd89978d8.jpg photo 200eresized_zpscbe98c89.jpg photo 022e2resized_zps9c6f5232.jpg

At Bass Pro Shops!  photo 202eresized_zpsa9b03117.jpg photo 205eresized_zps5d8255df.jpg

Brooklyn didn’t want to go meet Santa on her own. I think she felt she was too big ๐Ÿ™
Sierra wanted Payson to go first since she was feeling shy, too! Payson was enamored by Santa and super cute over there talking to him.
 photo 206eresized_zps84c0a1ca.jpg

I could tell Sierra was feeling super shy but she was sweet and talked to Santa before her picture, too.  photo 209eresized_zpsab740a26.jpg

I set my camera’s exposure and focus ahead of time so my mom could snap a picture for us, too.  photo 211eresized_zps685515e0.jpg

And she got this next picture which I love. It’s my desktop background ๐Ÿ™‚  photo 214e2resized_zpse92ee22f.jpg

We were totally bummed that the carousel wasn’t working. Instead we went and looked around the store. We like that a lot anyway!  photo 221eresized_zpsd2b91c18.jpg photo 223eresized_zps6dc57cf7.jpg photo 225eresized_zps6d18a2f5.jpg photo 242eresized_zps5f741353.jpg photo 245eresized_zps39b57342.jpg photo 251eresized_zpsc233174b.jpg photo 263eresized_zpsdd273283.jpg photo 267eresized_zpsd111ba23.jpg photo 269eresized_zps33dca005.jpg photo 281eresized_zps1ece5f37.jpg

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