Everett is Two Weeks Old!

Today I realized Everett is two weeks old and I panicked! I haven’t taken his newborn pictures yet and he’s already super alert during the day and not as “bendy” as he was last week. I think it’s probably too late but I set everything up to try anyway!
Everett is not cool with the whole picture-taking thing. He’s not cool with being out of mom’s arms and being away from mom’s boobs. He doesn’t care if it’s warm from a space heater, what loud white noise is blasting, or how long mom nurses him before hand! He is not sleeping on a bean bag or on a blanket or on a pillow or anywhere out of mom’s arms. No way, no how.  photo 029eresized_zpsf2229c90.jpg photo 048eresized_zpsd5f182df.jpg photo 122eresized_zpsa6a9c824.jpg

Not even nursing him for thirty minutes and then wearing him in the moby wrap with white noise playing on the iPod worked. He was awake that day and not giving in. Unless that boob stayed in his mouth anyway šŸ˜‰  photo 005eresized_zps9104400b.jpg

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