Everett is 12 Days Old – Grandma D Comes to Visit

We flew my mom out from Washington to visit. In hindsight I should’ve had her come when Everett was older as he was at the age where he was pretty much on the boob 24/7 and not really holdable by anyone other than mom but… my mom was starting a new job the day after flying home so we were pretty much trapped on timing. Anyway… she flew in and we decided to go out to lunch with the family. To where? Costco, of course. My family and Costco = LOVE. haha! (Guess what! Where we move to in Colorado will be super close to Costco. I’m going to pretty much live at Costco then.)

Other highlights of that first day with grandma were a fire in the firepit and Everett’s first real bath! His umbilical cord fell off on Thanksgiving so he got a bath with his big sister. He screamed hysterically. But Everett wouldn’t be Everett if he didn’t scream hysterically while undressed 😉  photo 154eresized_zps7604433c.jpg

Payson made a knife out of his hotdog wrapper and was thrilled when Allan made him a second one. He spent the rest of lunch pretending to stab his sisters with a fierce expression on his face.  photo 157eresized_zps658a9997.jpg photo 159eresized_zpsb98c58d3.jpg

Ember wasn’t happy that day. She cried over a lot of things but I think this time in particular was because she wanted more and more and more frozen yogurt and we didn’t let her have as much as she wanted. haha  photo 160eresized_zpsc3c8e42f.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsdab87dfd.jpg

Yay for backyard fires!  photo 182eresized_zps3cd39cc2.jpg

I have a picture of each kid by the fire but only the next two turned out. The other kids were sitting further from the fire and their photos were too dark.  photo 172eresized_zps2f2da986.jpg photo 169eresized_zps8ffa6846.jpg

Before Everett’s bath.  photo 204eresized_zps81c8a22c.jpg photo 210eresized_zpsa698e9d5.jpg

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