Everett is 11 Days Old – Costco and a Santa Hat!

Why is it necessary to go shopping for food every four days?! Can’t we just have food that never spoils? ha
But to be honest, Allan kept Brooklyn at home and I only had to take the younger four kids and it was easy peasy. Brooklyn is the challenging one on errands. Can you believe that?

I was on the ball and took pictures of the kids in a Santa hat to print to put in their Christmas tree ornaments. And for the fridge, of course!  photo 061eresized_zpse2f3f7b8.jpg photo 063eresized_zpsff569881.jpg photo 065eresized_zps9749592c.jpg photo 066eresized_zpsa6cdbcad.jpg photo 072eresized_zps37878074.jpg

I noticed Sierra and Ember sitting in these chairs and hugging and kissing each other and ran for my camera. Super cute moment that I’m glad I saw!  photo 079eresized_zps8dc4cc91.jpg

Santa hat pics.  photo 107eresized_zps26efecb1.jpg photo 098eresized_zpsdf5678db.jpg photo 087eresized_zpse52a524b.jpg photo 128eresized_zpsd7be2f90.jpg photo 108eresized_zpsb666e315.jpg

Everett got another sponge bath and hated every second of it. But he did smell good (and not like spoiled milk anymore) after!  photo 143eresized_zpsf77410dc.jpg

And I remembered I have a moby wrap and tried it out and he loved it and I was like, yay!  photo 147eresized_zps0f78fc3f.jpg

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