Everett is 10 Days Old – Another Weight Checkup!

This baby isn’t gaining weight well enough! I don’t know why, honestly. I’ve had five kids and he nurses around the clock. My best guess is he is a sleepy, lazy nurser and very slowly, leisurely sucks when he latches and then falls asleep at the boob and doesn’t really drink anymore after a minute or two. Not more than a few sips here and there anyway.
Oh and don’t hate me but, he’s my very first baby to sleep decently well at night. Which is funny and sad that he’s the one I have to worry about sleeping at night because he shouldn’t be sleeping too much at night, and not eating anyway! His first week he regularly slept one four hour stretch at night. By the second week he was giving me a five hour stretch! This has never happened to me! My babies have always, always been up every hour or two (or all night long: Payson and Ember!) so waking up around 3am and realizing I slept soundly the last four hours is confusing and awesome and yet, then I feel awful because he needs to be woken up to eat! haha

After his weight check (where we had to schedule yet another weight check despite them weighing him, then having me nurse him, then weighing him again and him gaining two ounces in that time!) we headed over to Sonora Quest to get his second PKU test done. That went easily enough.
Oh I didn’t mention! The kids had no school that day for Thanksgiving break so Allan worked from home so that he could go with me to the appointments. I’m glad because five kids at two different places probably would’ve been crazy.  photo 001eresized_zps9a171f85.jpg photo 007eresized_zpsc7f03d90.jpg photo 009e2resized_zpsb568734e.jpg photo 010e2resized_zpsb56e6e0f.jpg

I have about a hundred breastfeeding pictures from Everett’s first few weeks of life but I haven’t bothered to share them here. Not because I find anything wrong with breastfeeding or breastfeeding photos and not that I’m embarrassed by them but I have family, including male family members, who read my blog sometimes so I decided to keep this blog PG for their sakes 😉
That said, Allan took this photo and I liked it so I edited it to share. lol  photo 012e2resized_zps6aba3aaa.jpg

At the blood lab for the pku test Allan kept the kids out in the hall for part of the waiting time and entertained them.  photo 014eresized_zps2c881db5.jpg

They had me put the warming thing on his foot. While waiting I kept thinking back to when Brooklyn had her pku test and I cried and cried along with her while they collected the blood. I hated the woman doing the test because I thought she was torturing my baby! haha! First time mom. hee  photo 019eresized_zpsc0ca2d0d.jpg photo 021e2resized_zpsabf6499b.jpg photo 022eresized_zps45553fa6.jpg

I took pictures a lot that day. I took so few the first week I felt like I needed to make up for it, I guess. haha!
It annoys Allan to have his picture taken in public (can you blame him?) so I told him, “Are you so happy I’m taking this picture, Allan?” Do you think he was?  photo 024eresized_zps69066607.jpg

Can I help it if he’s so freaking cute and causes me this overwhelming urge to photograph, and document forever, how adorable he is and how good of a dad he is?! Nope, I can’t help it.  photo 027eresized_zpsccc2a0cc.jpg photo 029eresized_zps0474e087.jpg

I’ll throw this thrilling picture in here at the end. Laundry time. Seven people dirty an awful lot of clothes!  photo 030e2cropresized_zps4e600d98.jpg

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