Cafe Rio is My Fave!

Today we go to Cafe Rio for lunch. It’s hard for me to keep it together and not burst into tears because the last time we came here it was just Ember and me and now we have a third person to tag along! We love that little tagalong but I still have to mourn our old life together. The knew one will be great and maybe even better but the old life is gone forever. Goodbye Mommy and Ember days. Hello Mommy, Ember, and Everett days.
 photo 013eresized_zps572e9aa4.jpg photo 015eeresized_zps6933808c.jpg

One thought on “Cafe Rio is My Fave!

  • Oh, I can only imagine. I already get teary eyed just thinking about some day when H will have siblings– how much our day-to-day will change…

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