The Day Everett Was Born

It’s not going to get written. I can just tell. I’ve tried to write it but I just can’t for online. Maybe I will for my journal but for online it’s just going to be some basics.

My labor was 4 hours and 50 minutes long. I didn’t get an epidural. The cord was wrapped tightly around Everett’s head. After his head came out the doctor told me not to push and he tried to move the cord over Everett’s head but it was too tight! He quickly clamped the cord in two places and cut it in between the clamps. Then he let me push out Everett’s body. Everett’s shoulders coming out was the worst pain I could’ve imagined. Holy ow.

I started sobbing the second he came out. Like, eyes tightly shut, wracking sobs. haha

I started shaking, too. That’s normal. But I was more shaky than after my other labors. I couldn’t stop shaking for a good ten minutes.

I was so dazed after he was born. For about ten minutes I was just out of it! It had been such a crazy situation right before he was born that I was physically and emotionally overwhelmed.

They put Everett in my hospital gown for skin to skin time and things all calmed down. I just stared and stared at him. It was really like meeting a total stranger! He looked so different than Allan and I had imagined (and we hadn’t imagine ONE certain look at all!) and he looked nothing like anyone in our families!! He still doesn’t, really!

Before he was born I was wondering if I’d even notice his syndactyly (webbed fingers) right away or if I’d be too busy looking at his face. When he first came out and I looked down I only noticed his bright blonde hair and his tiny, tiny features. The second they laid him on my chest I noticed his fingers! They were right up by my face and very noticeable! I held them and examined them and was happy to feel that he has two separate bones and knuckles in there! That was my biggest worry as connected bones make surgery so much more difficult and involved!

Oh yeah, he weighed 7 lbs. 9 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. I didn’t know about how long he was until the next day! haha. I was too out of it when they were weighing and measuring him to pay attention.
His apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes was 9.

Allan’s experience was so different than mine. We sat and talked about it all and I’m really going to have to have him tell me his experience while I write it down because hearing about it all from his perspective was really interesting!

Hmm, what else?
Oh, my nurses were SO awesome. I was like, in love with my nurses. They were the sweetest and I felt like they were my bffs the whole time. lol! All but one. But I won’t talk about her 😉

We spent a couple hours in the hospital talking about baby names and it made me frustrated every single time! We narrowed it down to three names (one of which was Everett Easton, of course) and had them written on the whiteboard in our room and we asked all the nurses and pretty much everyone who came in their opinion! haha!
We couldn’t decide so right before we left we put Everett on the birth certificate.

Everett was born at 10:51pm and the earliest you can leave after having a baby is 24 hours. That’d mean we could leave at 11pm the next day but, the hospital usually has you wait until 11am just because leaving in the middle of the night seems weird to them. Since Everett was Allan and my fifth baby the doctors (Everett’s and mine) said we could leave at the 24 hour point if we wanted to. This was the most critically awesome thing to happen! I could not sleep for like a second in the hospital and was starting to feel like I was going to have a nervous breakdown if I didn’t get sleep soon! I hadn’t slept the night before because I was wired with nerves and excitement and anticipation so I was going on 48 hours of no sleep! It was SO bad. I felt like I was having a nonstop panic attack! I just felt miserable and exhausted and wanted to go home!

So we did! We got checked out and got home around 1am, I think? I fell right to sleep!! It was so awesome to sleep! Even thirty minutes of sleep felt like heaven!

We got home and Allan’s mom, who had to teach the next day!, decided to drive home right then. She told us that Ember had been not sleeping well and was getting a cold. I was bummed because Payson had had a cold a few days earlier and I was hoping it’d be gone by the time we came home from the hospital. Instead, like I already blogged about, all the kids caught it and it made for a traumatic first week home! To say the very least. I think I cried more than the baby that first week. haha (not really)

So now photos?
The last shot of my belly, the day before I had Everett.  photo IMG_7447resized_zps1436e2b8.jpg

I wanted a picture of me in front of the hospital. One last belly shot! I was setting the exposure and told Allan to go over there and pose with his belly for me. lol  photo 005eresized_zps30baf2e4.jpg photo 008eresized_zpsec6d1771.jpg photo 006eresized_zpsfa20a8fa.jpg photo 011eresized_zps4e8895c1.jpg

Trying to find a good movie to take my mind off waiting. There weren’t any. We did finally settle on We Are Marshall. It’s a good movie and I liked it at first but as my contractions picked up I didn’t like watching it after that. ha  photo 009eresized_zpsbf834ac5.jpg photo 012eresized_zps8842a59b.jpg

I was group B positive this time and had to have penicillin.  photo 013eresized_zps38da124f.jpg

One of the most painful parts of the whole labor was that acid-like stuff flowing into my veins. O U C H!  photo 014eresized_zps82065070.jpg photo 017eresized_zpsd1844501.jpg

I don’t know when Allan took this next picture. I’ll have to ask him when he gets home. It looks like I was sleeping but I know I didn’t nap… probably was just resting my eyes at some point.  photo 020eresized_zps78c7f9ac.jpg

The iPod photos from labor:  photo IMG_7478_zpsc6f7da62.jpg photo IMG_7473resized_zpsc390c972.jpg photo IMG_7500_zpsf09283b7.jpg photo IMG_7495_zps4db97b1c.jpg

The first pictures we took were with my iPod. They’re not the best quality but they’re better than nothing!  photo IMG_7503e_zps971b319b.jpg photo IMG_7514eresized_zps65103971.jpg

Skin to skin time!  photo 025eresized_zpscda87165.jpg photo 028eresized_zps8321e1b9.jpg photo 029eresized_zps930fedb9.jpg

And then a random assortment of pictures of Everett in the hospital! haha  photo IMG_7560eresized_zpsa0c1a7d3.jpg photo IMG_7568eresized_zps1b53400e.jpg photo IMG_7575eresized_zps955c0cb0.jpg photo IMG_7592eresized_zps3b9601e3.jpg photo 035eresized_zps0a65a9f3.jpg photo 039eresized_zps106c43f3.jpg photo 047eresized_zps6e7a0eec.jpg photo 058eresized_zps03164972.jpg

In his carseat for the first time. Ready to go home!  photo 069eresized_zps9c9546b7.jpg

I fell asleep on the couch immediately after Allan’s mom left! haha. I think I ended up sleeping in the recliner with Everett the whole first night.
 photo 070eresized_zpsaf130f33.jpg

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