So I Mean to Blog

I really have sat down to blog a dozen times but I end up, not blogging. I kinda wanted to post Everett’s birth story next but it feels impossible to write well.

Maybe tomorrow?
Anyway, I love my two babies. They were so sweet before bedtime tonight 🙂

One thought on “So I Mean to Blog

  • ooooh! I've been waiting on the birth story! 😉 Of course I have no room to talk when it comes to blogging. I can't keep up with it and I've only got 3 kiddos…well for now! 😉 (and none of them are infants or toddlers anymore!) I love that picture of the 2 babies in the family! They are so precious and look completely different from each other! I love that Everett has his very own distinct look about him! He is SO adorable and makes me super excited to find out who is growing inside me!! 🙂

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