Everett Easton

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On your 16th day of life your dad and I officially named you. The same name you’ve had since we knew you were in my belly. Since we found out you were a boy. The name I chose so many years ago. The name that always was you but that got temporarily tarnished and taken away from me.

It was a rough road to you as Everett, Everett. But you just are Everett. It’s still sad for me to say your name each and every time. I hope that goes away. I hope that the joy I felt over your name for most of my life returns. Because it has always meant a lot to me and I’d love to feel that again now that I have you in my arms to hold and love.

Just so you know… your name was Everett on your birth certificate all along. We didn’t want to put something silly like “Baby Boy (lastname)” so we named you Everett even when we were still so unsure about it.
You have the whole story in your scrapbook, so you know all this and you know the reason why we struggled with the name. It’s not a reason I’d share publicly, but hopefully you understand one day why we felt the way we did and why we were so hurt. But I’ve also written why the name is meaningful to me in your scrapbook so you know why it’s so special to us. There’s a lot of history with your name, son. And I’m so happy to give that to you. Hopefully it means as much to you as it does to me one day.
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8 thoughts on “Everett Easton

  • Ariana,
    Jenna and I are so happy for you and your family. I am sure that Everett will bring joy to your family. I sincerely apologize if Jenna and I hurt you guys. We had planned on using the name Everett for a future son long before we knew that you had planned to use that name. We have since decided to name our upcoming son a different name to make things easier. Regardless of who or what has caused you so much hurt, please accept our heart filled apology for any difficulties we have caused you and your family. We have nothing but good wishes for you guys.

    Kevin and Jenna

  • Gorgeous name for a gorgeous baby boy. The name suits him perfectly 🙂 Hope you're all settling in nicely and that no one is sick anymore so you can just all love on Everett.

  • I love you, Kevin. I want you to enjoy your son's pregnancy and birth and naming him. Don't let anyone, even me, make you feel anything but happiness and excitement about his arrival and everything about him.

  • Thank you Marja, everyone is healthy here!! It feels like Christmas x100 for everyone in this family to love on him after two weeks of him being pretty much off limits!
    I'll share pictures soon of the first time the kids got to hold him 🙂

  • Thank you, Jen. He is definitely an alert baby! Everyone comments on that. Even his doctor! I can't wait until he's interactive and smiling and cooing!

  • He's so handsome 🙂 I love his name and I'm glad you guys choose to stick with it despite any issues involved. I had a baby girl november 18th and while I was in the hospital I checked your blog to see if you had Everett. I've followed your blog for years and had fun being pregnant “with” you this time. Congrats on your little man! Look forward to seeing more photos of him!

  • I cannot wait to see the pics of him with his siblings. 🙂 I am glad to hear everyone is well and enjoying Everett. He is such a handsome guy.

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