Baby Gets Weighed

Baby had his second weight check today. I hate having to drive so far for these things. I’m super excited that come January we’ll be in Colorado with a two minute drive to the doctor rather than a 35-40 minute one! Yay.

My mom flew in from Washington this last Saturday. Today Ember was acting all shy towards her. Kinda funny.  photo 250eresized_zps8d6886d9.jpg photo 251eresized_zps805ba6b3.jpg photo 264eresized_zpscb4847e1.jpg

We made a super quick stop at Hobby Lobby to grab a jade edition of Project Life with my 40% off coupon. I also printed all of the baby’s pictures from his first 12 days! I’m crazy excited to scrapbook them tomorrow!!! EEK.

PS: week two of baby’s life is a million trillion times easier than week one! I feel like a normal person again! πŸ™‚
And PPS: thank you for all the comments! I feel like such a jerk for not responding but don’t take it personally… I literally didn’t ever call my mom or sisters or anyone for anything for 12 days!!! haha. Things were SO difficult. But the comments really buoyed me. Shout out especially to Chere, I think you left two comments in particular that made me cry that first week… they were just the supportive/understanding comments I needed to hear! Thank you!  photo 282bwresized_zps50cfc372.jpg

Ugh, these carts were too narrow to put the baby’s carseat entirely into and it was freaking me out! That carseat was totally wedged in and not moving but I was too anxious to take my hands off it while shopping. lol!  photo 288bwresized_zps488764a6.jpg

I kept telling my mom that I was kicking myself for forgetting the moby wrap again! I wear it all the time at home and never remember to grab it to bring on errands! I’ve been hating dragging that carseat everywhere. I’m so preoccupied with bringing enough diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and extra clothes on errands to remember the wrap! ha. I’m sure I’ll fall into a routine soon enough and start remembering everything I need!  photo 297eresized_zps9c239dd8.jpg

One thought on “Baby Gets Weighed

  • Aww…I am so honored and so happy for you to see E.E. in the margin!

    I'm glad to read that things are getting easier. Your little guy is absolutely adorable!! And, holy cow – unless you hired a body double for those first two photos – it's amazing how quickly your pre-pregnancy figure is returning…after baby 5!

    Prayers and best wishes are continuing to head your way –

    Chere πŸ™‚

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