Baby just farted loudly in his sleep and it startled him awake. I can’t stop giggling about it! Lol

Oh and today is the first day I’m back to solo parenting. It’s a juggling act, even with three of five in school, but I think it’d be a thousand times easier if Ember wasn’t sick. Which is good because she won’t be sick forever!

3 thoughts on “Toot

  • Too funny! šŸ™‚

    It must be a HUGE juggling act. If you only had 8 arms and a couple of clones. I hope Ember is feeling better soon. It's obvious how close the two of you are, and it's understandable how much you're missing your special time with her. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of you, Ember and the baby all snuggled up together when the older kids are at school.

    Hoping today is a little easier than yesterday.


  • Oh no, doesn't Allan get paternity leave or anything? Here the husbands get 2 weeks off when the baby arrives but they can take it after a little while instead of right after the birth if they want to. I'm sure you'll manage though as you're amazing with the kids. Hope Ember feels better really soon too xx

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