What Can I Say?

I’m glad that everyone is not sicker than they are?
I’m glad that though I didn’t sleep all night, um, this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m thankful that after starting the morning routine, breakfast, with all five kids (the baby screaming) Allan came in and took over before-school prep.
I’m glad that this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m glad that I have a washing machine because hand washing two or three loads of milk-soaked clothes every day would be awful.
I’m glad that this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m really glad this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m dead tired. My eyes are burning. But in two weeks (ish) everything will be a bit better.
 photo 087eresized_zps001f8147.jpg

I seriously felt like super woman when I remembered to grab my camera and document the baby’s first sponge bath!! Trying to photograph things is just not doable!  photo 030eresized_zpsb1402b93.jpg
PS: you can see his syndactyly (webbed fingers) really well in that picture above!

6 thoughts on “What Can I Say?

  • You ARE Super Woman! Keep breathing…and keep repeating what you're already saying, “This phase doesn't last forever.”

    Your new little guy is bright-eyed and beautiful! That first photo is a stunner.

    Thoughts are with you throughout your day.


  • You are seriously super mom! And your little man is adorable. I wish I lived near you just so I could come and do your laundry or play with your other kids so you could have a bit of a breather. I'm probably about as far away as one can be though, lol. As you say “this phase doesn't last forever”. But when you're in that phase, it's super hard work. You are fantastic though and will fly through it!

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