10 thoughts on “Hello Blondie!

  • I just adore him so much already 🙂 I stalked you all night via Instagram (if you couldn't tell…haha). So very excited that he's here and that he's perfect. And BLOND! lol He's definitely not going to look like a little Payson, is he? 😉 Congrats again. I'm looking forward to many, many more pictures and as many stories as you have time to type. Hugs and Kisses to baby Everett!

  • Am I the only one that sees blonde in Brooklyn and Payson's hair? LOL And since you already have lighter haired blue eyed babies I think he goes right along. I think Ember was the shocker to me with those gorgeous dark eyes and hair. And the first pics I thought the face (eyes mostly) looked just like Payson. He could change every day though, I know it's hard to tell right now but I think we are going to have another one that looks like Mommy. Congrats, he is beautiful!! :)~~~Katie~~

  • So sweet! Congratulations! I agree…baby Everett looks so much like Brooklyn. Can't wait to see more pics of your precious new addition and the proud siblings.


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