No baby yet

Our 5am induction was delayed. Not a huge surprise but so frustrating! I’m absolutely dying (I feel like my heart won’t stop racing with nerves!) with anticipation!

At this point I just want to go in *sometime* today! I will cry if they completely reschedule me. Cryyyyyy. And not sleep for another night because of nerves!!! And pain! Lol. Everything hurts these days.
If you’re the praying type I wouldn’t mind an extra prayer or two that we’re called soon!
I plan on blogging from the hospital on this iPod. If I do it right I can even post a photo!
Anyway, off to try to distract myself again!

6 thoughts on “No baby yet

  • Oh how awful! I remember when I was being induced and they told us to call that morning to see if we could come, excuse me???? No, I am going to be coming- lol!! So sorry they canceled on you. I will pray you get called today and have a good delivery.

  • I got rescheduled a couple times with Lola, and it was super frustrating. Especially since other people were needing to help us out and rearrange their schedules. So sorry, Ariana! I'll be praying that you get in some time today!

  • That really is the most annoying part. Allan and his mom took off work today and it's all been for nothing. I'm pretty sure they'll cancel and reschedule for tomorrow or later. It's really frustrating to have two people waste an entire vacation day 🙁

  • 🙁 Hopefully something happens and they call you in today. Hope you're able to distract yourself! It must be mid afternoon your time now? I'll hope something changes over night (my night). xx

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