I Lost My Mucous Plug Yesterday

And that’s pretty gross.
Three more days left!  photo 059eresized_zpsd20b434f.jpg

Allan and I are going to make the boys’ room in our next house a BYU football theme. I drew my ideas out for the room months and months ago (pretty much the week I found out we were having a boy! haha) and part of the decor is going to be some BYU helmets and jerseys and footballs and huge blown up photos of our boys in BYU gear! Oh and of course a poster print of the stadium!

So, because I want to take some football themed newborn pictures of Everett and since I want some of those to include Payson, I went ahead and bought a BYU football uniform outfit for Payson now so that he can wear it for the photoshoot! We’re planning on it being his Halloween costume next year, too!
It came in the mail today and I’m crazy excited about it. Crazy excited to raise brothers!!  photo 062eresized_zps8c55a2fd.jpg

3 thoughts on “I Lost My Mucous Plug Yesterday

  • Are you having your baby for sure in 2 days now or is it according to due date? I can't remember if I missed if you're having the baby no matter what on your due date. I keep checking back to see if you've gone into labor and if baby has arrived. It's funny how excited someone can be when they don't know you in real life, but having followed your blog for a long time now it feels like waiting for a friend's new arrival!

  • I feel the same way about blogs I follow! I get so excited and can't wait! haha

    I'm being induced Tuesday so he'll be here for sure sometime then!

  • Awesome!!! Of course it'll be middle of the night here by the time he arrives so he'll be my Wednesday morning wake up news. Sending you all the good labor vibes!

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