4 Days to Go

I had my very last prenatal checkup yesterday. I’m looking forward to not having weekly appointments! They weren’t bad or anything but I hate the long drive to get to the office!

I’m a complete wreck this week. I cry all the time, most of the time I don’t even have a reason. I’m just so glad this is all over in four days. I can’t hardly believe it. Though I feel like I’ve been pregnant my entire life and can’t remember what it feels like to be normal, I also can’t believe how fast this pregnancy went by. And I can’t believe I’m actually meeting my son in just four days!! There’s this whole other person who I don’t even know yet and in a few days he’ll be here and I’ll not be able to remember life without him or what it was like to not know him! So crazy. So exciting!!  photo 005eresized_zps6e21bfcf.jpg

I went to a restaurant I’ve never been to before with Ember yesterday. I ordered a half a classic grilled cheese sandwich but I’m pretty sure they gave us the kid version (maybe they saw Ember with me and assumed I meant the child’s grilled cheese) because they added a free cookie to the sandwich plate (that only comes with the kids’ meal) and the sandwich tasted like crap! It was made with that nasty sliced cheese, I think. You know the kind in individually wrapped slices that tastes like it’s not cheese at all. The kind my kids love and I want to barf when eating? haha, that stuff!
So Ember doesn’t like that kind of cheese, either, so… that was a huge waste of money!
The broccoli cheese soup was divine, though!  photo 007e2resized_zps87bc2f78.jpg

Anywho, I got Ember to have a few bites of the sandwich by bribing her with that cookie! She actually preferred sharing my broccoli soup with me! She loves broccoli!  photo 013eresized_zps3c35c545.jpg

Then she climbed into my lap and played with my hair for quite a while. She was putting it on my face like a mustache and cracking herself up.
 photo 035eresized_zps7ec10d38.jpg

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