I Don’t Have Anything Creative or Special to Share this Week

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I feel really ready for labor. Delivery. Non pregnancy. And baby.
And I really can’t think or talk about much else. Waiting these last few days has become a huge patience test!  photo 043eresized_zpscbeed2c5.jpg

It’s hard to walk now. I have shooting nerve pain through my legs and back when I go shopping. I feel so heavy. Which I am, but mostly this baby boy is riding right on my cervix and the pressure is extreme.
I’m glad because I’m hoping that means, like his siblings’, his labor will be short!  photo 068eresized_zps2e88ec65.jpg

I can no longer take all four kids out. It is way beyond my capabilities to handle them and being pregnant while on an errand! We’re home bound from here on out!  photo 084eresized_zps295fc2e9.jpg photo 085eresized_zps18bf0e65.jpg photo 096bwresized_zpsec2ce080.jpg photo 111eresized_zpsab61cc1a.jpg photo 114eresized_zps9a948fa5.jpg

Everything lately for me is about simplifying. I don’t want any extra work of any sort. If the kids ask to do a craft or have a friend over or go somewhere or pretty much anything I have to stop myself from thinking they’re crazy for even asking. They don’t get (at all) that this week before delivery is like the rest of pregnancy pain x 1,000.
Even something as simple as trying to walk to the car after a particularly annoying shopping trip, and having them stop and climb up on these ball things in front of Target, when I told them not to, because I just wanted to get to the car and sit, was frustrating.
I have to just bite my tongue a million times a day and try to remember I’m the broken one right now.  photo 146eresized_zps2fde6723.jpg photo 133eresized_zps5b68589d.jpg photo 125eresized_zps4cb9506b.jpg photo 137eresized_zpsf279e6a7.jpg photo 127eresized_zps51f9b224.jpg

I got a magnetic nativity scene from a craft store. I’ve already pulled out a few Christmas toys for the kids to play with. I wouldn’t mind completely skipping Thanksgiving and just plunging into Christmas. I’d like that a lot, actually.  photo 161eresized_zps8dbe4c69.jpg photo 154eresized_zps9878cb12.jpg photo 174eresized_zps3f71bac2.jpg

Since Halloween the kids have had two pieces of candy in their lunches every day.  photo 017eresized_zps5dd5e3eb.jpg

Because of holiday season Brooklyn is back to her extreme picky eater ways. She’s always a picky eater but any time she gets any kind of a treat she’s beyond picky. Way, way beyond. It’s super annoying to have to deal with a 10 year old picky eater.  photo 018eresized_zps649d9f56.jpg

Ember is my other picky eater and that’s annoying, too. But luckily she’s been less picky this week!  photo 024eresized_zps507526ed.jpg

I got the kids little goody bags from Everett. Hopefully having some special things and activities will help the transition a little bit.  photo 038eresized_zps1bfb5ef3.jpg

Sometimes Ember really loves bananas and sometimes she hates them. She’s like that with most foods. One day something will be her favorite and she’ll want like 5 servings of it and then the next week she’ll act like you’re offering her the grossest thing she’s ever seen. lol  photo 044eresized_zpsd76cd469.jpg  photo 047eresized_zps8be2f889.jpg

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Anything Creative or Special to Share this Week

  • So excited to hear that Everett is here!!!
    Your kids' initials will spell BEEPS when Everett gets here. đŸ™‚
    My kids' initials spell GLEN, and I always said if I had a fifth, I'd try to find an A name so that it could spell ANGEL.
    That's not happening.

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