Burning Food on Purpose!

The highlights of the weekend were Allan setting up Everett’s crib and our family enjoying a fire on Sunday night.  photo 002eresized_zpsae48adba.jpg

Saturday Allan and I worked all day. Cleaning and organizing like mad! I’m pretty sure next weekend, days away from delivering my baby, I won’t feel quite as up to a mad cleaning spree so this weekend it was!

I asked Allan to set up the crib and in the afternoon he did! I was freaking excited about it. It’s really pretty crazy to walk into my room and see a crib. Are we really having a baby? In 8 days?? That’s pretty neat!

While the grown ups cleaned the little kids played.  photo 013eresized_zps228cbdc0.jpg photo 023eresized_zps5e24a102.jpg

The crib! Maybe it’ll get use this time around? Ember slept in it like… never??  photo 027eresized_zps462331ca.jpg photo 052eresized_zps03666c63.jpg

All four of the kids are pretty curious about the crib. They love looking in it and messing with the lullaby toy and talking about Everett.  photo 066eresized_zps4cdfe512.jpg

This next picture is just a random shot of Sierra and Ember. I noticed them reading together like this and thought it was adorable. Those two are bestbest friends. Ember adores her night-times with Sierra. We let them play together for an extra twenty minutes or so after regular bedtime just because having alone time together makes them so happy.  photo 034eresized_zps904bc5b2.jpg

Friday I had finally remembered to buy a little kid toilet insert at WalMart. It’s been on my shopping list for like three weeks and I’ve forgotten to grab one every single time I’m at the store. I was getting really sick of cleaning out the potty chair every time Ember went potty!! Anyway, Ember is in love with her new seat.  photo 091eresized_zpsf5a4804d.jpg

We put it in our third bathroom which is at the back of our house. We’d previously had that toilet room locked because I didn’t want another bathroom to clean. But having a toilet where her seat can stay on there all the time without the bigger kids moving it when they go potty was an awesome luxury worth having another bathroom to clean!  photo 108eresized_zps2d4a30c8.jpg

Another mostly story-less photo below. Payson came in to whine and tattle on Brooklyn. I told him to wait while I grabbed the video camera. lol! I never video tape stuff like that but felt like recording the endless tattling of my kids that day for their sake 😉
I took this picture to set the focus before recording and couldn’t believe how old Payson looks in it!  photo 110eresized_zpse7ffe778.jpg

Later in the evening Allan set up a fire while I cooked dinner.  photo 149eresized_zps8f4d5d93.jpg

It seemed strange to be eating fettucine alfredo in front of a fire. It seemed like we needed burgers or hotdogs! (Payson had leftover broccoli-chicken-rice casserole)  photo 160e2resized_zps58e0b0a5.jpg

The sunset was really pretty, too. It was a gorgeous evening and a wonderful way to spend it!  photo 163eresized_zps0ec08eb9.jpg photo 182eresized_zps4b117574.jpg photo 193eresized_zpse69a420d.jpg photo 204eresized_zps8dfac208.jpg photo 208eresized_zpsf1400812.jpg

Originally I was sitting by Brooklyn but I was way too hot that close to the fire so I moved to the other side where I could scoot way back!
 photo 217eresized_zps7b9623ac.jpg photo 224eresized_zpse8a46a2b.jpg photo 245eresized_zps71a1113c.jpg photo 256eresized_zps36c7cce6.jpg photo 261eeresized_zpsb623604c.jpg

I think we ate almost an entire bag of marshmallows. And by we I mean Allan and the kids. I’m not the biggest marshmallow fan.  photo 263eresized_zpsb770de2e.jpg

3 thoughts on “Burning Food on Purpose!

  • Does Payson ever get upset or feel left out when he has to eat something different than everyone else? Or does he understand that he will feel like crap if he eats what you guys are eating

  • Mostly our meals are the same so it's not a problem. 10% of the time he has a completely different meal. I'll usually substitute rice for pasta if the meal is that. I could've done that with the alfredo but he really prefers that broccoli casserole so that's why I gave him that!
    He feels fine at home since I feed him and his sisters similar stuff. At school is the real sad experience because they have class snack-time and treats and parties and EVERY time the teacher requires me to bring something different in for Payson.
    It doesn't matter *what* I bring or how good it is, he's the only one sitting there with a completely different snack every single day and it just breaks my heart.

  • I know you hate it there but my gosh, your view is so beautiful!!! I would love to have a view like that out my back door but I would hate the heat also!

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