It’s Finally Friday!!

Gosh, this week seemed to go on forever!! I’m so glad it’s the weekend!! I’ve missed Allan this week!
We’re setting up Everett’s crib this weekend. I wonder if he’ll use it. I’m not planning on co-sleeping over crib sleeping but, if I’m tired and I get more sleep with him in my bed that’s exactly where he’ll be. I’m sure he’ll sleep a lot in his bouncy chair or swing, too! I’m excited to get his crib set up, though. If not for any other reason than having a place to put his sheets/blankets rather than in a box on my bedroom floor.

Everyone in this house is getting baby crazy now. We’ve all been excited all along but seeing that count down chain shrink and saying things like, “In 11 days we’ll be holding our baby!” has caused an anticipation frenzy! We’re all excited and impatient! It’s hard to talk about much else. At least for me. And the kids bring it up just as often as I do, putting their hands on my belly and telling me, “I just can’t wait! I just can’t believe he’s coming so soon!”  photo 030eresized_zps2bb13ba5.jpg photo 037eresized_zps4e303155.jpg

A simple update on potty training… Ember’s been fully potty trained for 11 days now! She hasn’t had any accidents and though I put a diaper or pullup on her for nights she is always totally dry in the mornings. It’s adorable when she wakes up and heads to the potty first thing.
She went through a brief phase where she was changing her underwear each and every time she peed, I’m guessing because she was excited about her new undies I bought, but now she wears one pair all day. She does still change her clothes often throughout the day but she’s always done that!  photo 058eresized_zps0fb538d3.jpg

We bring her Dora bag to every doctor appointment now. The simple supplies I bring are:
-a sippy cup of water
-a single serve pack of annie’s bunny crackers
-a lollipop
-a small toy (usually my little pony)
-a sheet of stickers
-a small notebook
-four or five crayons

She’s started bringing her bag on all our errands now. It’s so cute when we’re getting ready to go and she says, “Oh, I need to get my Dora bag!” and runs off for it.
She called it her purse for a while and then she called it her backpack for a while after that but now it’s her Dora bag. While I’m rambling about this I’ll go ahead and mention she used to call my purse my backpack when the kids first started school. She’s just so fun!
 photo 060eresized_zpsbad4c585.jpg

She falls asleep every time we run errands. Mostly for only ten minutes or so. She wakes up and wants me to hold her for five or ten minutes while she wakes up. She’s super snuggly in those first few minutes 🙂  photo 064eresized_zpsd2ba385d.jpg photo 068eresized_zps18e744f6.jpg

The last time she wore lipgloss she purposefully kissed her baby to share it. Her baby’s mouth was still pretty shiny from that day so when she went to kiss her baby she hesitated and said she didn’t want to ruin her baby’s lipgloss. I told her it was fine because she was just sharing lipgloss like me and her do! (She asks me to kiss her every time I wear lip stuff of any kind, after I do she rubs her lips together and smiles and says, “Now we the same!”)  photo 088eresized_zpsd441c8d4.jpg photo 091eresized_zps6752a697.jpg

Being Friday I went ahead and chose the easy way out for dinner.  photo 104eresized_zps3ae97ac7.jpg

Payson had a bean and cheese burrito I made with some tortillas I bought at Costco. When I saw the gluten-free tortillas and bent them and noticed they held their shape without cracking apart (like all other gluten-free crap I’ve tried) I about peed my pants with excitement. And he loves those tortillas so they’ve pretty much been my favorite food item of the year!  photo 110eresized_zpsc7cbd9f3.jpg

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