The Boy Who Reads and Writes

Payson’s doing really well with reading and writing! I was wondering if he would do as well as the girls when it came to those two things because I’ve heard that boys are often behind in those areas until they get older.

It hasn’t been the case with Payson! He writes little notes all over everything, sounding out words and creating the funniest little sentences. It’s amusing to me what he writes about vs. what the girls wrote about at that age. His are all goofy and silly and EXCITING! and EXTREME!
Brooklyn’s often focused on an animal (her age at the time, of course) who was very independent and often went on adventures alone and concurred the world!
Sierra’s were about princesses, animals, and loving families. Hers were always sweet and happy and full of love! haha
My kids are so.very.different from each other!!
 photo 010bwresized_zps24c125b6.jpg

I keep Payson’s best stuff in his scrapbook. I’m so glad that I finally started scrapbooking again! It’s been amazing to have a place to keep the kids’ special stuff and have it be somewhere where they can look through it often! The only problem is that the 12×12 size albums are so large that often they’ll flip to the end of their album, turning all the pages at once, and the weight makes all the pages come off the three rings of the binder. So they’re messing up their entire albums every single time! I’ve told them to only turn a small group of pages at a time, hopefully they start remembering that!
And hopefully the pages hold up to that rough use!

So I took a quick snap of a simple book report they send home for kindergarten. I love these book reports! I copied the blank sheet so that I can print my own papers. I think it’d be fun to have Payson do these little book reports on our nightly storytime book and then staple them together for something fun to look through šŸ™‚
 photo 004e2resized_zps7ad805ca.jpg

I have two more of those blank books left that I bought in the Target dollar store months and months ago. I have looked at the dollar spot every time I go to Target hoping they’ll get those back in. When they do I’m buying them all. Seriously. lol
Anyway, I’m planning on giving one to Payson to write/illustrate a book.  photo 014eresized_zps0c4283f2.jpg

I don’t know why I’m rambling about all of this.  photo 021eresized_zpse2af9f59.jpg

Sierra lost another tooth this morning! I’m really hoping I don’t forget to leave a dollar under her pillow tonight!! I might go ahead and set an alarm right now to remind me! I feel bad that I’m such a terrible tooth fairy!  photo 007eresized_zps71c9a118.jpg

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