The Tedious Phase

The last couple weeks before baby. It feels like time suddenly stops. Except there are a million things going on but all of them seem so lame now. Like, I don’t want to be making school lunches this morning, I want to be having a baby! Or, I don’t want to help with homework, I want to hold my baby!

I’m ready for baby to come now! I have literally every single last thing I need and it’s all organized and ready to go. I even went and bought menstrual pads and tucks pads on Tuesday. Super fun! haha  photo 003eresized_zps029ec60a.jpg

Yesterday at the doctor’s office (for just an ultrasound) if Ember wasn’t begging me to blow gum bubbles for her to pop she was climbing on the chairs. I had to tell her to climb down about a dozen times.  photo 014eresized_zpsa475bc01.jpg

Ember and I went to Cafe Rio for lunch.  photo 019eresized_zpscf5c5814.jpg

We got home and had about an hour of time bumming around the house before we had to go get the kids from the bus stop. Ember brought a chair from the living room into my bathroom and asked me if she could wear lipgloss.  photo 072eresized_zps75369c81.jpg

I put Everett’s carseat in the car before heading to the bus stop. Ember was super excited about it. I told her not to put her feet in there anymore and she hasn’t since. Crossing my fingers that she’s a good car “buddy” for Everett once he’s born! I think she’s going to be really happy to be able to see him while we drive places!  photo 143eresized_zps93898184.jpg
And now I’m off to the doctor!

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