Doctor, Doctor

Another week, another appointment. The craziest part is I only have one more appointment before Everett will be born!!

This week my contractions have picked up. They’re more often and they’re stronger. I’m contracting all the live long day. I usually do the last few weeks. I’ll be a good 4cm dilated and probably 90% (if not 100) effaced before I ever go into labor.

Oh yeah, according to my ultrasound yesterday- Everett will probably be around 8 pounds when he’s born. Maybe a few ounces less. We’ll see in 12 days!  photo 151eresized_zps41809238.jpg photo 159e2resized_zps27992edc.jpg photo 165eresized_zpsdd46751e.jpg photo 166e2resized_zps128d0947.jpg

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