Guess What’s Happening in 2 Months!

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Allan accepted the job offer from Colorado today. Originally they wanted us out there asap but we’re going to wait until Everett’s a little over a month old to do a move!
We’re really excited. I can’t really believe I’ll be living somewhere without scorpions or cactus. What’s that like again?!

7 thoughts on “Guess What’s Happening in 2 Months!

  • LOL, I hate to break it to you, but we do have cactus here! We see them all the time when we go hiking in the foothills, they're small though. But definitely NO scorpions!

    Have you starting looking at all the neat places there are to hike here? So far Hanging Lake and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison are our favorites!

  • Yay! I'm so happy for you and your family! I know everyone has different likes, but CO for us (many summer vacations spent there) was perfect. Mild weather, 4 seaons and no humidity! I hope you enjoy it – are you moving to the Denver area? Congrats!!!

  • There are seriously cactus there? That's a major bummer! I'll have to look into this!! haha

    Hiking is one of the things we've spent the most time looking into! We're really looking forward to the hikes! We have lots of weekly, smaller hikes planned and Allan talks to me almost daily about the BIG mountains he wants to hike with his brother, who lives in Colorado.

    I agree, yay about the no humidity! Humidity is super unpleasant!

  • Can't wait to see you!!!!! Good luck on the birth if we don't chat before then. I'd love to come watch the kids when you move if you need time to unpack (or sleep). xoxo

  • Oh, and watch out for the sheriff running radar in Heber, AZ. He's been there EVERY time I've ever driven through! LOL

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